CevizliWater Tanker Hits Tram in Bağlı

cevizlibagda water tanker hit the tram
cevizlibagda water tanker hit the tram

CevizliWater tanker hit the tram going to Topkapı direction in the vineyard. Bağcılar- while there were no injuries in the accidentCevizlivineyard and Topkapı-Kabataş his campaigns returned to normal 45 minutes after the incident.

Two-way tram stops due to the accident occurred, the medical teams to the scene, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Metro Istanbul officials and police teams were called.

While no one was killed or injured in the accident, the passengers evacuated from the tram, transferred to other tram stops on foot.

In the statement made by the official Twitter account of Metro Istanbul, “T1 Kabataş- Bağcılar tram line, due to a technical malfunction Bağcılar- Cevizlivineyard and Topkapı- Kabataş between stations. " information was given.

Kabataş- Bağcılar tram line, services Bağcılar- Cevizlivineyard and Topkapı- Kabataş was made between stations. 45 minutes after the incident, the accident was taken to the garage, while the water tanker was removed with the help of a tow truck. After the cleaning work in the area where the accident occurred, the tram services returned to normal.



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