UEFA Super Cup Final Due to Some Roads to be Closed

uefa super trophy final
uefa super trophy final

Due to the N 2019 UEFA Super Cup Final acak to be played in Istanbul, 14 and 15 will be closed to traffic for some hours in 15 hours in Besiktas in August.

Some roads will be closed to traffic due to the N 2019 UEFA Super Cup Final anan played for the first time in Istanbul with the support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Public transportation will provide free service on the match day to the audience. World giants Liverpool and Chelsea will face the competition will be held on August 14 13: 00'den and 15 August morning 04: 00'e roads will be traffic to the following:

Bomonti - Dolmabahçe Tunnel on both sides

Dolmabahçe Street from Akaretler Junction to Stadium

The intersection point of İnönü Street with Selime Hatun Street in Gümüşsuyu District is in both directions (from the junction of the German Consulate, arriving at Taksim District)

Mete Street and Taşkışla Street intersect with Gazhane Bostan Street, and then Prof. Dr. Bedri Karafakioglu Avenue and Asker Ocagi Avenue Arrival from Taksim Area

Arriving and departing from Nişantaşı-Maçka Region, Kadırgalar Avenue intersecting Taşkışla Avenue

Meclisi Mebusan Street in both directions, Mebusan Slope (Parkiçi Road) from the point where the Mimar Sinan University (Fındıklı Junction) from the direction of arrival and departure from Karaköy direction

Silver Street

Kadırgalar Street: Between Dolmabahçe Street and Maçka Taşkışla Street

Dolmabahçe Gazhane Street

Asker Ocagi Street, Inonu Street and Prof. Dr. Bedri Karafakioglu Street

Vişneli Tekke Street

Babaefendi Street

Single lane near the stadium in Kadırgalar Street since 05.08.2019

  1. As of 08.2019, the road that connects Tunnel exit and Kadırgalar Street
    14 August 2019 On Wednesday 13: 00 to 15 August morning 04: Citizens who use these routes from 00 to private vehicles are advised to use alternative routes or prefer public transport.

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