State could not pay for Northern Marmara Motorway! Will the highway be closed?

the state could not pay for the north marmara motorway will close the highway
the state could not pay for the north marmara motorway will close the highway

General Directorate of Highways could not pay for the expropriation of the land in Çatalca, which was expropriated for Northern Marmara Motorway and connection roads. Landowners have the right to sue the road.

The project cost 14 billion 555 million US Dollars. Land owners in Catalca, the General Directorate of Highways rush expropriated land reclaimed by court decision.

CumhuriyetAccording to Cüneyt Muharremoğlu'nun reported that the process that would lead to the closure of a section of the road developed as follows: General Directorate of Highways, North Marmara Motorway and connecting roads in the NNKX neighborhood in the area of ​​the 7 thousand 793 square meters wanted to be expropriated. Fork 1. The Criminal Court of First Instance, finding the demand on the spot 23 March 2018'da, rush seizure of land, property owners 1 million 245 thousand 881 pounds decided to be paid. Highways paid this money to landowners. Then in the court process between the land owner and the Highways court expert, 3 million 88 thousand 880 million real estate appraised. The court decided to pay 1 million 842 thousand 999 pounds to the owners after deducting the first paid price.

Highways, the owners of land did not pay twice, although the 15'er two-day period. So the registration lawsuit filed by the General Directorate of Highways was rejected at 25 March 2019. Thereupon, the Highways, Istanbul District Court of Justice has applied. Istanbul Regional Court of Justice 5. In June, 27 decided to abolish the urgent expropriation decision of the local court. According to the court's decision previously paid 1 million 245 thousand 881 pounds will be given back to Highways.

With the cancellation of the expropriation, the landowners were given the right to yolu intervene semen ”to close the road. The semen case of the intervention is opened in order to have the authority to protect and protect it against third parties in the legal framework of the property.

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