TCDD General Manager Uygun Feast of Sacrifice Message

Contact Ali directly
Contact Ali directly

We are in the joy and happiness of achieving another Feast of Sacrifice where friendship, brotherhood and sharing have reached their peak in this land where we have lived together for a thousand years.

Once again, we will experience the happiness of sharing bread at heart tables, sharing abundance in friendly assemblies and meeting our loved ones in the shadow of conversation.

Eid means reunion. Day and night, summer and winter, under the most difficult conditions with the devoted railroaders who work with our loved ones to shorten the distance, we connect the hearts with iron networks.

We will continue to provide fast, comfortable and safe travel services to our passengers in this holiday with our modernized trains, especially the high-speed railway lines we have opened for service, and renewed railway lines.

I would like to thank my colleagues who work at all levels of our subsidiaries and central and provincial organizations and who work hard to move our railways further, and congratulate them with their families.

I congratulate the blessed Eid al-Adha of our nation and the Islamic world, which we are honored to serve, and wish peace, tranquility and happiness.

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General Director of TCDD

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