The Applauding Movement of the Responsive Driver in Denizli

sensible sofor
sensible sofor

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. The bus driver of the 130 line, which operates within the company, received great appreciation for its sensitive behavior.

While driving on the street, the Metropolitan Municipality bus driver, who saw the bike driver falling out of control at a time, intervened in the accident by stopping the vehicle. The incident took place this morning at 08.45 ranks on Hüdai Oral Street. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. Ahmet Ertuğrul, the bus driver of the 130 Teleferik-Çınar-Servergazi Hospital line, which was in service within the body, saw an oncoming bicycle driver suddenly fall out of control as he walked on Hüdai Oral Street. Ertugrul driver who pulled aside the municipal bus, curious gaze down the bus between the young people who had an accident by going down the bicycle handlebar saved his foot.

112 called the Emergency Service

The driver, Ahmet Ertugrul, then called the ambulance to the scene by calling the 112 Emergency Service. Chauffeur Ertuğrul, who received great appreciation with his sensitive behavior, continued his journey to avoid congestion after his meeting with 112 Emergency Service. The event was reflected in the bus cameras from moment to moment.



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