Senbay, Istanbul Airport Metro Construction

senbay istanbul airport withdrew from metro construction
senbay istanbul airport withdrew from metro construction

Bayburt Group company Şenbay Madencilik, one of the partners of Gayrettepe-New Airport metro construction, which will provide transportation to Istanbul Airport from the city center, withdrew from the project. Kolin, Cengiz and Kalyon took the share of Şenbay. When the construction of the line started in 2017, it was announced as the end date of 2017, then the end of 2018, then 2019, and finally the date of 2020, but as of today, 40 percent of the work has been completed.

Gayrettepe-Yeni Airport and Yeni Airport- which will provide transportation to Istanbul Airport from the city center-Halkalı lines construction work is progressing far behind the program. Bayrurt Group's company Şenbay Madencilik has withdrawn from the project from two partners undertaking the Gayrettepe-Yeni Airport line.

Sözcü Çiğdem Toker from the newspaper 'What's going on in the airport subways?' N What is going on in the metro projects we need to reach the biggest national project that we are all expected to admire? ısında he asked for two major metro projects with a total size of 12 billion.

the Toker SözcüAs you know, the construction of two metro lines that will provide transportation from the city center to Istanbul Airport, where the world is jealous of us, is underway: Total length will approach 70 km Gayrettepe-Yeni Airport and Yeni Airport-Halkalı.

The construction of both lines is far behind the completion schedules originally announced.

I will report an important development in the construction of Gayrettepe-Yeni Airport, which the Ministry of Transport has awarded to the Kolin / Şenbay partnership for approximately 1 billion euros three years ago.

Bayburt Group company Senbay Madencilik, one of the two partners undertaking the subway in the invited tender according to Article 21 / b of the Public Procurement Law, withdrew from the project.

Şenbay Madencilik's shares - which you won't be surprised when you learn - are taken over by one company: Kolin, his partner, and Cengiz and Kalyon.

According to the records of the Public Procurement Authority, the construction situation in Gayrettepe-Yeni Airport subway is as follows:


Realization rate until the turnover date: Percent 40.63

- Rate after the transfer date Percentage 59.37

It is also possible to “read öyle: At the end of the year 2016 was invited by tender and started construction in 2017.

If you believe the Minister of Transport, the remaining 60 of the airport metro has yet to be completed within four and a half months.

2016 / 504725 tender registration number Gayrettepe-New Airport was tendered over the Euro and 2016 contract was signed at the end of 1. Euro today 3.5 TL.

- New Airport which is the other line of the airport metro-Halkalı's contract was signed with Özgün Yapı - Kolin İnşaat, a Bayburt Group company in March 2018. The contract size was 4 billion 294 million 713 thousand TL. (One Euro 4.8 TL according to the exchange rates of that day.)


At this point, I will remind you of a striking development that we announced to the public a few months ago.

Shortly after the Ministry of Transportation signed a contract with Özgün Yapı-Kolin İnşaat, a common partnership was established. Cengiz, Kalyon and Kolin established this partnership in the tradeHalkalı 80 percent of the subway.

In other words, Kolin entered the tender with the Bayburt Group company and soon established a company to do 80 percent of the business with two of its former partners (at the airport).

Interestingly enough, the Bayburt group company Şenbay at Gayrettepe-Yeni Airport, which is the first line of the 70 km subway, is transferring its share to the same trio.

Şenbay Madencilik and Özgün Yapı, both of which are Bayburt Group companies, are in charge of two ambitious metro projects and then are switched off with different methods.

Gayrettepe-Yeni Airport metro price is 6.3 billion TL with today's figures. New Airport-Halkalı The amount of the contract for the subway metro in today's figures (taking into account the Euro exchange rate in March 2018) 5.6 billion TL. In other words, we are talking about two subway and two auctions which are at least 12 billion TL with today's figures.

What is going on in the metro projects we need to reach the biggest national project we are all expected to admire?

Those who open an airport without a metro and call it a “smear ın for every criticism should explain this transfer and capital shifts in two main metro projects with a total size of TL 12 billion.

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