No Passage to Noise Pollution in Şanlıurfa

sanliurfada no noise pollution
sanliurfada no noise pollution

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality, the city center in the audits for public buses that caused noise pollution by collecting air horns were destroyed.

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Police Department by teams connected to the public buses were seized air horns audits. Special public bus Regulation 14. Although it is forbidden to be held because of the pollution caused by the pollution of the substance in the city, some vehicles engaged in public transport in the presence of air horn mobilized traffic police teams. During the inspections carried out with the security forces, practices were carried out at different points of the city. Control of public buses in the control of traffic police teams saw the air horns dismantled.

Public bus drivers engaged in all other public transport vehicles in the direction of air horns taktirmamaları teams, carried out the destruction of horns seized. Recorded air horns were disintegrated with roller tool and thrown into the trash.

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