Olympos Cable Car Running to Rekora

olympos cable car runs to record
olympos cable car runs to record

Olympos Cable Car which is located in Kemer district of Antalya and one of the most important alternative tourism centers of the region runs to record. Olympos Teleferik, which was opened in 2007, aims to break the all-time record this year.

An enjoyable journey that lasts about 12 minutes!

I Turizmdosyası.coAccording to Halil Öncü, the Olympos Teleferik, which is located in Kemer Tekirova neighborhood and attracts great attention of domestic and foreign tourists, brings its guests to the summit of 12 thousand 2 meters high after 365 thousand minutes. Guests have the opportunity to see the magnificent view of Antalya and Kemer as well as Phaselis, Olympos Antique City and Three Islands. During the summit, where there is a cool atmosphere in summer and snow in winter, sunrise and sunset activities are also of great interest to foreign guests.

At the end of the year, I think we will increase the number of 300 thousand!

Expressing that they had a pleasant season, Olympos Teleferik General Manager Haydar Gumrukcu said that they are moving towards a record this year and said, uz We are going to record this year. In late August, we passed the number of 200 thousand people. I think that by the end of the year, 300 will be more than a thousand. This will be the record of all seasons. Approximately every day we bring the minimum average 2 thousand and 3 thousand people to the top. We accept guests from different countries ”.

Positive discrimination to Turkish guests at the price…

The Olympos Teleferik, which is a joint study conducted with the Swiss, stated that they reflect these record numbers on income as well, and said that they made positive discrimination to Turkish guests in the income obtained and price tariffs. Ç We have many guests from all over the world and from every country in the world. There are domestic guests in these numbers. We are very happy about this. Our guests have the chance to see both nature and technology closely and enjoy the visual landscape. ”

Our fire pool is always ready for a possible fire!

The general manager of Olympos Teleferik Haydar Gümrükçü expressed his grief about the recent forest fires in our country and said, “We have a fire pool where helicopters can take water in order to intervene in forest fires immediately. This work relieves us of a possible fire hazard. Our cable car cabins move to the top every 15 minute. The hostess and hostesses in the cabin can observe the bird's eye view during the flight and report to the Forest Line 177 in case of a possible danger. We think that we have made a significant contribution to the environment and forests in this regard..

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