Night Shift in BursaRay

nighttime shifts
nighttime shifts

Metropolitan Municipality, which gives priority to transportation activities with a 'modern and easily accessible city target' in Bursa, continues its work day and night on rail system lines.

Metropolitan Municipality, citizens in the city, comfortable and safe way to ensure that the rail system maintenance and checks continues uninterrupted. In addition to smart intersection and road widening works, which relieved transportation in Bursa with practical solutions, the Metropolitan Municipality focused on new metro lines and bridged junction projects and intensified signal optimization studies initiated for capacity increase on the existing rail system line. The activities aiming to increase BursaRay passenger capacity from 280 thousands to 440 thousands are continuing from night hours until dawn so as not to interrupt the daytime metro services.

Osmangazi after Şehreküstü

Within the scope of signalization optimization works, assembly of scissors and equipment in Şehreküü region is about to be completed. It is stated that the shipment of signaling equipment from abroad continues. Scissors assembly work after the Feast of Sacrifice after the City of Osmangazi will continue to be expressed. For this reason, train operation between Acemler and Şehreküstü will be terminated in some days and bus transfer operation will be made in this region. Operations that affect operation are expected to be completed until schools are opened.

On the other hand, BURULAŞ General Directorate, which conducts rail and bus management services within the boundaries of the metropolitan area, also performs periodic maintenance and controls regarding the working systems in order to ensure that the citizens can travel comfortably and safely.

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