Remote Access for Machine Manufacturers

remote access for machine manufacturers
remote access for machine manufacturers

Remote access for machine manufacturers; Optimization of remote maintenance services, cost effective and reliable solutions are very important.

Secomea, which provides all the services needed for remote access with a single device, offers great advantages for machine manufacturers beyond standard services. With Secomea, machine builders can share the system with end users, customers. For example, a camera attached to the camera can be watched from a mobile phone without seeing the other devices in the system and the remote user can access the camera.

Secomea, providing optimization of remote maintenance services, provides cost effective solutions by saving travel time and costs.

Certified to secure factory and office network

Secomea works on an end-to-end encrypted system with “AES data encryption için technology to protect both machines and factory networks to which the machines are connected. It provides unique security with giriş x.509 Cert. ”Certificate and user-defined password for logging into the system.

This is an insurance for machine and system manufacturers. Because after the machine is produced and shipped, it is entirely at the discretion of end-user factories and facilities to give or not to access the internet. They will decide which device you use. This may cause the preferred device not to be used. This creates an extra cost for the producers. Being able to issue certificates will minimize these risks.

Combine all existing remote access solutions into one device

It provides simple supply for all machines using the same configuration.

The serial, USB and Ethernet ports on each device are standard, making it easy to integrate legacy systems. Even old and new devices can be online at the same time.

Another feature is the communication ports on the built-in Wired internet (Static / DHCP) and the USB Ports on the WiFi or 3G connection. This gives you high flexibility in the field.

Preventive and predictive maintenance

Secomea combines predictive, preventive and confirmatory maintenance solutions. By gathering all the devices in a single point in the system, it also makes it possible to perform maintenance activities from a single point.

HYDRO ONE-represented in Turkey conducted by the Secome, saving the unique features of the machine manufacturers with their products cost more with a single product.

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