Fines for 850 Vehicles for Disabled Parking Violations in Kocaeli

Kocaelide disabled parking violation vehicle punishment
Kocaelide disabled parking violation vehicle punishment

Non-disabled drivers occupy parking spaces allocated to disabled citizens and usurp the rights offered to disabled people. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Police Department is carrying out inspections about vehicles occupying disabled parking spaces in parking lots throughout the city. In the first 2019 month of 8, in the districts of Izmit and Gebze, which are within the scope of Metropolitan Traffic Police Police teams, the 850 vehicle, which was taken to the disabled parking lot, was lifted by means of the towing vehicle.


Izmit district city center, Sekapark and Gebze district center meticulously inspect the Metropolitan Traffic Police teams are working with Traffic Police. Vehicles identified to be retracted to the disabled parking lot, the security forces are notified of the criminal procedure application. Following the criminal procedure, vehicles are taken to the Yediemin Parking Lot by towing vehicles.


Metropolitan Municipality Police Department teams, disabled parking spaces reserved for disabled vehicles parked in the vehicles of the obstacle-free vehicle owners 2918 Traffic Law and Municipal orders and prohibitions provisions of the Yediemin parking lot. In order to prevent disabled parking spaces from being occupied by unhindered citizens, susceptible citizens can call 153, the call center of the Metropolitan Municipality in case occupied parking spaces for disabled people are occupied.

Günceleme: 24/08/2019 12:23

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