Time for International Cooperation for Izmir

Time for international cooperation for Izmir
Time for international cooperation for Izmir

İzmir Mayor Tunç Soyer met with the ambassadors, consuls, consuls and honorary consuls in İzmir in line with the objective of planning the future of the city with the people of İzmir. At the big meeting, Izmir became a center of attraction for tourists and what could be done in five years to create Izmir brand abroad was discussed.

İzmir Mayor Tunç Soyer, who plans to manage İzmir in line with a participatory approach, met with the representatives of foreign countries in İzmir in order to make İzmir a brand abroad. The meeting, which included representatives of the country and retired ambassadors, was held at the Historic Gas Factory. In the meeting, General Secretary of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Buğra Gök çe, consultants and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality EU and Foreign Relations Commission were also present.

Mediterranean Fair is coming
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that he had a similar excitement as 2015 Expo and said, “Our main goal is to make İzmir a city that lives in its own shell. For this reason, we have two concrete works, one being the indispensable stopping point of a route that is reached through the Mediterranean dish and the western world and the other through silk. ” Mayor Soyer stated that they took the first step in the Mediterranean bowl by sending a letter to six cities and said, içinde Barcelona, ​​Marseille, Venice, Thessaloniki, Alexandria and Beirut are among these six cities. We want to improve our cooperation with these cities. Next year, we want to make a six-day fair with the participation of six cities. We want each one in turn to host the fair. For example, if Spain is hosting the fair that day, we will see Spain with Spanish music and gastronomy. We're not just squeezing it into the fair and spreading it to the city. We want to bring these six cities together in sports, music, gastronomy and see what we can do..

The importance of the Silk Road
Pointing out to China's investment for the Silk Road, President Tunç Soyer said, “İzmir may be one of the indispensable points of this route. It can be a point of attraction along the Silk Road with China. Likewise, if the European Union has assumed a leading position as a locomotive after World War II, now in China, 20-30 will move forward as a leading force in front of humanity for years. In this new picture, it may be possible for İzmir to undertake an important path. If we have opened Cervantes, French and German cultural centers, it may be possible to bring Chinese literature and visual arts to İzmir with a Confucius Institute. We have goals such as making Izmir take on a role in this new painting. ”

Some suggestions from participants

Şakir Fakılı - Retired Ambassador
It is very logical that the promotion of İzmir should be made on the axis of Mediterranean Europe. Within this framework, a Mediterranean opera festival can be held in the opera house to be completed.

Fatih Çakmakoğlu - Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Morocco
I think that the origin of Izmir will be tourism. Izmir is the most wanted place to live in. I want to walk from Kordon to Kadifekale. I want to see a big museum on the way. These can only be made more attractive by walking paths.

Enis Özsaruhan- Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Norway
There is a road from Alsancak port. In order to make Izmir attractive, people should use the time remaining from the business hours well. For example, we should consider the axis from Gazi Primary School to Kadifekale as a pedestrian way. This could be a great project.

Valerio Giorgio- Consul of Italy
Before me, the Italian consulates in Izmir are still coming to Izmir. I am thinking of coming to Izmir after my duty. Who knows İzmir, but how do we attract those who do not? They are now competing in cities. Perhaps the city has to follow its own nature. Izmir's biggest starting point is the Mediterranean identity.

Who participated?
Retired ambassadors, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Consul of Italy, Consul of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Commercial Attache of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China, Trade Director of the British Consulate, Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Macedonia, Malaysia Honorary Consuls, Austria, Belerus, Belgium, Brazil, Kingdom of Denmark, Kingdom of Morocco, Philippines, Finland, France, Gamma, Croatia, Ireland, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, Colombian Republic, Luxembourg, Kingdom of Norway, Pakistan Honorary Consulates of the Republic of Senegal, the Republic of Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Chile and the EU and External Relations Commission of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.



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