Istanbul Konya High Speed ​​Railway

istanbul konya high speed railway
istanbul konya high speed railway

The Istanbul-Konya high-speed train line is a double-line, electric, signaled YHT line that starts from Istanbul and leaves Ankara-Istanbul high-speed railway in Polatlı and extends to Konya. Opened in 2013, regardless of the Ankara-Konya and Ankara-Eskişehir lines, which are open to operation, the line has a length of 604 km and covers the distance between the two cities in 4 hours and 27 minutes.


Istanbul (Sogutlucesme and some expeditions) Halkalı) - They operate every day between Konya.

Istanbul (Sogutlucesme) Departure Konya Arrival
06: 35 * PM12:38
PM12:55 PM18:10
PM19:10 PM00:21
Konya Departure Istanbul (Sogutlucesme) Arrival
PM07:00 PM12:17
PM13:20 PM18:28
PM18:50 00: 45 *

* Flights at marked times Halkalı It starts from the Train Station and ends its journey.



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