Istanbul Izmir Motorway Opened! .. So How Much Toll?

istanbul izmir motorway opening fees were clear
istanbul izmir motorway opening fees were clear

The 5 kilometer section of the Istanbul-Izmir Highway, which will reduce the 3.5 hour travel time between Istanbul and Izmir to 192 hours, was inaugurated today by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. So how much money to use this way? For cars, the toll between Istanbul and Izmir will be 256.3 TL including Osmangazi Bridge. How much will other car classes pay?

5 hour travel time between Istanbul and Izmir is reduced to 3.5 hours. So how many citizens will use this highway to reach Izmir will pay TL. 1 class cars, Istanbul and Izmir, including the toll Osmangazi Bridge will pay 256.3 TL. Here are the figures that other cars will pay ...


Vehicle The Osmangazi Bridge Yalova-Altinova Bursa City Center Balikesir North Manisa Turgutlu Izmir exit
1. class 103 TL 107.4 TRY 136.5 TL 179.7 TRY 243.5 TRY 256.3 TRY
2. class 164.8 TRY 171.7 TRY 218.5 TRY 287.56 TRY 390 TRY 410 TRY
3. class 195.7 TRY 203.9 TRY 259.4 TRY 341.5 TRY 463.1 TRY 486.9 TRY
4. class 259.6 TRY 270.5 TRY 344.1 TRY 453 TRY 614.3 TRY 645.8 TRY
5. class 327.6 TRY 341.4 TRY 434.2 TRY 571.6 TRY 775.1 TRY 815 TRY
6. class 72.1 TRY 75.2 TRY 95.6 TRY 125.8 TRY 170.6 TRY 179.4 TRY


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan today opened the Istanbul-Izmir highway. President Erdoğan, who opened the second stage of 192 Km, explained the cost of the Istanbul-Izmir highway in figures. Erdogan said that the cost reached $ 11 billion, said the highway was given to companies with the build-operate-transfer model for the 22 year 4 month period. With the completion of the 192 Km road of the Istanbul-Izmir highway, Erdogan emphasized that the travel time between Istanbul and Izmir was reduced to 3,5 hours. İzmir Aydın and İzmir Çeşme motorway. Where, where ık We did not cross the mountains easily. But we became Ferhat, Ferhat said, d We have pierced the mountains and reached Şirin. In addition to making the trip between Istanbul and Izmir fast comfortable, Erdoğan also mentioned the shortage of 100 kilometers and stated that his contribution to the government is 3,5 billion dollars.

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