'İzmir is Not Ready for Earthquake' Warning from İMO İzmir Branch

marmara earthquake in izmir is ready for the year
marmara earthquake in izmir is ready for the year

Chamber of Civil Engineers (IMO) Izmir Branch, 17 August 1999 Marmara Earthquake due to the 20 anniversary of the announcement made.

The written statement made by IMO Izmir Branch is as follows; Olarak As the Chamber of Civil Engineers, we have not forgotten the fact of earthquake. 17 August 1999 Gölcük and 12 November 1999 We carry the burden of every pain caused by Düzce Earthquakes in our hearts. As a professional chamber which is one of the main elements of the building production process, especially those who govern our country at local and central level; we want every person who carries the responsibility of every institution, organization and signature to think again in these days.

Our zone is 1. The degree is in the earthquake zone. It is also in a bad state in terms of building stock. We can say these as a result of the RADIUS Project in 1999, the “Symposium on Disaster Risk Reduction X held in 2009 and the Balçova and Seferihisar Building Stock Inventory Studies conducted in 2012.

20 of the Marmara Earthquake. If we look at what was done against earthquake risk in our city in year;

1- Radius Project is a project for İzmir. kazanhas been three. Such a comprehensive study in Turkey was carried out for the first time in our city. An Earthquake Disaster Scenario was created with the data obtained, the vulnerable points of our city against earthquakes were notified to the relevant Public and Private institutions and measures were requested to be taken.

2- 7-8 In December N Disaster Risk Mitigation Symposium yapılan held on December 2009, the state of the risks posed in the Radius Project was discussed and the following conclusions were reached;

Building Inventory Inventory

a) Pilot Project Work

In order to serve as an example of the building stock in İzmir, 3 buildings in the 1490 pilot region were examined and evaluated.

b) Public Buildings Inventory

Educational buildings, health buildings and other public buildings have been inventoried.

The existing building stock inventory could not be created in the whole city.


In some districts, especially with the leadership of city councils, neighborhood disaster organization activities were carried out.

However, no coordination unit has been established to reduce the risk of disasters stipulated in the master plan.


Basic disaster awareness training was provided to the public for the construction of social awareness, dissemination of information and measures aimed at reducing urban vulnerability.

In the governorship organization;

• Basic Disaster Awareness Training
• Community Disaster Volunteer Training
• Publishing brochures and books

Our Chamber has also contributed to the work.

The dissemination of trainings and the continuity of the trainings could not be achieved.


The current situation of the road / motorway, railway, subway and bridges, tunnels and viaducts that are likely to be damaged should be analyzed in detail and the necessary ones should be strengthened first.
In this context, the Highways carried out strengthening works especially on the bridges. Metropolitan Municipality has also built new roads and junctions.

Research and construction of alternative routes could not be done.


Necessary precautions should be taken to ensure that the equipment of the power plants in the communication power plant buildings are secured in a stable and non-overturning manner and that communication is not interrupted during a disaster.
The necessary stabilization studies have been carried out regarding these, and the number of radio relay stations and towers has been increased in order to ensure uninterrupted communication within the provincial borders in disasters.

New alternative conditions could not be created and put into operation without disrupting the existing conditions at the time of disaster.

• IDrinking Water and Waste Water

The pipes, main collectors and all connections in the drinking water and wastewater system should be reviewed and precautions taken.

Replacement of asbestos cement pipes in drinking water and sewerage networks.

In the sewerage system, the ground lines are protected against earthquake movements by using ground improvement methods.

Apart from the existing conditions, no alternative infrastructure (drinking water and waste water line) has been created.

Ponds and Dams

Soil fill dams or reservoirs have been performed well in past earthquakes because they are engineering structures and contain earthquake calculations. It is foreseen that the dams located in İzmir and its vicinity will be exposed to slight harmless damage during the scenario earthquake and will continue to function without being destroyed.

Historical places

Measures should be taken to reinforce monuments and museums against earthquakes and to protect the works exhibited in museums from earthquakes.
In some museums where restoration and restoration works have been carried out, measures have been taken to protect the works exhibited from the earthquake.

In most of the restoration and repair works, the seismicity dimension was not taken into consideration. In addition, some of the works exhibited in museums have not taken the necessary measures to protect the earthquake.

Planning and Urban Renewal

Urban planning and land use arrangements should be made to take into account the earthquake impacts.
Izmir Urban Region master plan has been prepared and approved.
Kadifekale landslide area Urban Transformation project has been implemented.
Regeneration program areas have been identified.

Regions that carry risks in urban life (by making inventory) were planned and the city could not be renewed.

3- In our city, the studies related to the post-disaster gathering areas have accelerated and their number has been increased recently.

However, regulations and infrastructure studies have not been carried out in the Post Disaster Meeting areas.

4- In our city, studies related to Post Disaster Housing Areas were made. New areas have been identified.

However, lack of infrastructure, field arrangement and coordinated studies could not be performed in Post Disaster Housing Areas.

5- Building Inventory Inventory

In 2012, building stock inventory studies were carried out in Balçova and Seferihisar upon the request of IMM.

However, inventory of the building stock could not be made in the whole city (according to the UDSEP in 2012, this task was assigned to the Municipalities.)

6- TAMPA 6- Izmir (Turkey Disaster Response Plan Izmir)

Disaster response plan of our city has been made. In the plan where our room is also a solution partner, a desk exercises are performed once a year. In addition, under our coordination, Damage Detection trainings were organized together with related institutions.

However, the lack of coordination is still continuing and the functionalization of the des Aydes ”program, which will be used in case of disaster, could not be made.


It cannot be said that there is a lack of information about earthquake risk and precautions in our country after the 1999 earthquake.

A new “Building Earthquake Code“ was published. We know the ground condition and fault lines. Now it is necessary to update and implement the DE NATIONAL EARTHQUAKE STRATEGY AND ACTION PLAN-UDSEP 2023 ”.

Many scientists and experts participated in the “2004.Deprem Council X which was made by the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement in 1 and the leşme Urbanization Council olduğ which was made by the same Ministry in 2009. But the constant change of the state bureaucracy and the recruitment of “backyard kad positions instead of“ LITERATIVE kad cadres; In addition, the reports prepared to reduce earthquake damages and to ensure a planned urbanization could not be found due to the “rent understanding“ preventing the earthquake.

Emerging within the framework of RADIUS Project
“İzmir Earthquake Master Plan” and “Radius Result Report uştur set out the basic conditions for reducing possible earthquake damages in İzmir. This project has to be updated according to the conditions of the day.

In order to update the Radius Project, İzmir's “Building Stock Inventory ası must be prepared.

8 In June 2018, a building stock was created which gave the security of the building to the conscience of the citizen, who did not receive unqualified engineering service, which was tolerated by zoning peace and illegal construction. Our building stock, which becomes even more unhealthy with the zoning peace, does not even need an earthquake to be demolished, must be determined completely and the urgent areas should be subjected to urban transformation as soon as possible.

New zoning peace for the sake of votes and rent should not be brought to the agenda.
As we have recently experienced in Denizli, the earthquake can happen at any moment.
The earthquake is a natural phenomenon and the buildings that transform the earthquake into a disaster are collapsed. To reduce the destructive effect of structures;
1- Existing building stock should be improved, repaired and strengthened
2- New buildings; It should be built within the framework of the principles of science, technique and engineering.

For this reason, all phases of the project from the production process to the building production process should be supervised by specialized engineers.

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