İBB: Announcement of the New Fare Schedule for Transportation Arrived

IMM Announces New Fare Tariff for Transportation
IMM Announces New Fare Tariff for Transportation

School and personnel services, taxi, minibus, taxi minibus and city car ferry fares to the new tariff. School service fees increased by 13 percent, while no change was made to electronic tickets.

According to the decision taken by the Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) today, taxi, minibus, taxi minibus, school and staff services and city car ferry fare to the new tariff.

Fee tariff; inflation figures, depreciation and fuel costs and citizens' income status was prepared by taking into account.

Fee schedule regulated by UKOME Decision

  • Taxes are increased by an average of% 25 over the existing fares; the opening fee is 5 TL, distance tariff is 3,10 TL, and the minimum fee per trip is 13 TL,
  • 25% increase on existing wages in minibuses; application of student 0-6 km 1,5 TL / 6 TL after 2 km, 0-2 km range fare (landed-bind) 2,5 TL,
  • Application of 24% increase over the existing fares in Taxi Taxi fares,
  • 13% increase on the prices of student service vehicles; the shortest distance 0-1 km 243 TL application,
  • 13% increase on the current wages of personnel service vehicles; For the vehicles with 10-17 seats, the first take-off fee is 124 TL and the fare for each km is 1,26 TL,
  • It was decided to apply a 20% increase to the tolls of the City Lines İstinye Çubuklu Car Ferries and a 10% increase to the Harem Sirkeci vehicle tolls. On the other hand, at the UKOME meeting, it was decided to apply a 50% discount on the use of electric vehicles on car ferries.

Günceleme: 05/12/2021 12:07

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