Some Immovables in Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Train Station Transferred to the Ministry

haydarpasa and sirkeci garinda some immovables were transferred to the ministry
haydarpasa and sirkeci garinda some immovables were transferred to the ministry

Some of the immovables located in Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations, one of the historical and urban protected areas of Istanbul, were transferred to the Ministry of Culture under the name of 'culture-art activity area'.

It was decided to transfer some of the immovables in Haydarpaşa Railway Station and Sirkeci Railway Station to the Ministry of Culture.

General Directorate of State Railways Administration. Regional Directorate (Haydarpaşa) Real Estate Service Directorate Support Service Directorate sent to the request letter in the building in front of Sirkeci Station and the area in front of the 'culture-art activity area' was asked to be rented by stating that the thought.

Evacuate will be an area of ​​culture and art activity
Plus RealAccording to Rıfat Doğan, the following statements were made in the article: Am The warehouse building in the Fatih District of Sirkeci Railway Station and the area in front of it are thought to be rented as a Sanat Culture and Arts Event Area inde. For this reason, I would like to take the necessary precautions for the immediate evacuation of the area used by the Protection and Security Unit in the Sirkeci Warehouse Building without interfering with the labor force and safety. Rice

A similar decision Kadıköy It was purchased for immovables within Haydapaşa Railway Station, an urban and historical protected area in İbrahimağa District. TCDD 1st Regional Directorate (Haydarpaşa) The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which was convened at the request of the Real Estate Service Directorate, decided to transfer some of the immovable properties located on 5 island 240 parcels owned by TCDD to the Ministry of Culture. . The Board decided to use the open spaces as 'Youth Art Activity Area' and to demolish the structures numbered 16-41-50-51-82 and 103.

In its decision taken in August, the Board 8 stated the following: çalışma The study was carried out to establish the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Transport and Culture and Art Area in the area shown in the attached site plan for the location within the boundaries of the Urban and Historic Site Area of ​​Haydarpaşa Railway Station and its Surroundings. 45-46-57-38-41-47-49-50-51-82-103-118-1-258401-5-8-2019-XNUMX-XNUMX TCDD XNUMX. The Regional Directorate of Real Estate Services Directorate's article and its annexes numbered E. XNUMX and its annexes The expert report of XNUMX dated August XNUMX of the Regional Board of Protection of Cultural Assets numbered XNUMX was read and photographs of the annexes file were examined. As a result of the interviews;


Tugay Kartal from Haydarpaşa Solidarity said Ar They are trying to take a piece from Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Railway Station in Istanbul as well as the Ministry of Culture in Ankara Ar. Kartal said the decision was similar to the trustee's appointment:

“With this decision, they want to draw money to the foundations first, then to the capital. When you look at the distribution of the Ministry of Culture, one of them is AKP Kadıköy He was a candidate for mayor. If you remember, together with the AKP Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality candidate Binali Yıldırım, before the elections, they had the idea of ​​declaring another point of Haydarpaşa as a field of culture and arts. He had studied here at that time. From another point of view, the ministry started to act as a trustee without assigning a trustee to Istanbul. They want to loot Istanbul through the trustees. ”

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