Railway Cooperation in the Organization of Economic Cooperation

railway cooperation in the organization of economic cooperation
railway cooperation in the organization of economic cooperation

Economic Cooperation Organization, Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad Container Train 10. The High Level Working Group Meeting was held in Ankara between the dates 20-21 August 2019.

The meeting, which was attended by representatives from the member countries of the Economic Cooperation Organization regarding the railway sector, started with the opening speech of TCDD General Manager of Transportation Erol Arıkan.

General Manager Arikan, 16 billion pounds in the last year, the 133 billion investment in the railway sector, noting that the railway train operator TCDD Transportation Inc., Europe, Asia, Russia, the Middle East underlined that transportation in a wide geography.

Arıkan pointed out that a new era began with the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line and Marmaray, which provides uninterrupted rail transportation between the continents, and said, Kazakistan Kazakhstan with appropriate tariff over the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line, which constitutes the important part of the Central Corridor initiated by China's initiative. While transporting to Uzbekistan, Georgia, Russia and China, not only our economic cooperation with friends and sister countries, but also our ties of heart is strengthening. ”

“Trans Asia Express started to operate between Ankara and Tehran”

Arıkan, the founder member of the ECO, said that passenger and freight transportation was developing with Iran and that the route of the Van-Tabriz train was extended to Tehran, and that Trans Asia Express started to operate between Ankara and Tehran. In the first 2019 month, 7 transported thousands of tons more cargo compared to the same period last year. 40 is expected to reach one million tons per year, which is one thousand tons. " said.

Arıkan stated that bogie changes were made in order to overcome the technical differences in the transports carried out via BTK, and that the wide span wagons of Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kazakhstan realized freight transportation in a faster and more economical way:

“A substantial change in the tariff of goods yapıl

Um Our organization has gone through a fundamental change in the tariffs of goods, shifted from kilometer based tariffs to actual weight and real distance tariffs, and enabled more efficient use of capacity. Again, customs procedures, which lasted approximately 24 hours, were reduced to 15 minutes with simplified customs procedures, and this practice started to be taken as an example in many countries. Railway transport with Russia via BTK is also increasing, and there is a significant load potential in this North-South corridor. In addition, freight wagons that we use both in BTK and in our transports with Europe are also receiving great attention and are being taken as an example for their production. ”

General Manager Erol Arıkan also said, ığ Given that the production center has moved to the Far East in the globalizing world and there is a great burden potential between Europe and Asia, it is not possible for the countries of the Economic Cooperation Organization to be excluded from the developments in the railway. It is clear that necessary collaborative efforts should be carried out among the members of our organization in many areas. Belirt

Comparison between Pakistan and Turkey held 29 pieces of container trains, underlining that a good example Arikan finished his words:

"Turkey - Iran - Turkmenistan -Özbekistan- Tacikistan- passenger transport in Kazakhstan"

Aktarma In order to extend the Trans-Asia Train of our Organization to the Trans-Asia Main Railway Line to Bishkek / Almaty, a transfer terminal is being established to change the bogies of the wagons on the Iran-Turkmenistan border. In the future, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and will be able to transport passengers between Kazakhstan. "

"Turkey is developing the railway as Pakistan"

ECO Director of Transport and Communications Ahmad saffari In his speech, the railroad is doing similar work to that of Turkey in the area of ​​Pakistan and underlined that the 2025 targets, "Islamabad, Tehran, Istanbul railway line is a very important line. ECO railway cooperation offers great opportunities to the member states. ”

As you know, members contribute to the development of countries to remove trade barriers within the ECO region and within the region to develop trade and promote integration into global markets of ECO, in order to strengthen the cultural and historical ties between the member countries, Turkey, Iran, founded in 1985 with Pakistan's cooperation Later on, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan became members of the Economic Cooperation Organization.

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