Edirne Municipality Supports Eurasia Road Project

edirne municipality supports Eurasia road project
edirne municipality supports Eurasia road project

Lycian Way in Turkey, Evliya Celebi Way and Phrygian Road as many historical and cultural trails prepare Turkey Cultural Routes Association carried out, "Eurasia Road" Edirne Municipality of participants in the project will contribute to the promotion of the city as well as contribute to the project.

construction of cultural routes in Turkey, which is responsible for the maintenance and promotion of Cultural Routes Association (CRA), northern Greece and the Balkans through Turkey to Italy connecting the border with cross-cultural routes for certifying Eurasian Road to refer to the European Council continues to prepare for. Edirne Municipality was also among the participating institutions and the project started with the opening meeting in Istanbul.

The project continued with a visit to Italy with stakeholders to experience European route management. The program started with a taste of local cuisine and the traditional bread of the town in Monte Sant'Angelo and continued with a visit to the historical places of the butcher. All participants had the chance to walk along the southern part of the Via Francigena cultural route as well as along the coastline on different days. These walks along the route were very useful for experiencing the route more closely. There was also an efficient meeting with representatives of EAVF at the University of Bari, where good practices were shared.

Bursa Nilufer Municipality hosted the project. Civil Society Dialogue between Turkey and the EU (SCD-V) project supported by the Grant Program, Misia was tabled for two days. European Via Francigena Association of Municipalities and Associations from Italy, ace Trace Your Eco ”Hiking from Greece, gn Egnatia Road” and “Sultans Road” Foundations from Albania, “Tirana Express” Art and Culture Association from Albania, Istanbul “Hiking Istanbul” Group, representatives of the “Way of Tolerance en Association from Izmit, as well as officials from Edirne Municipality and Izmit Municipality participated in the project.

Within the scope of the event, guests had the opportunity to see the route by hiking on Mysia Roads of 9,5 kilometers. Within the framework of the event, the participants visited Misi Village Development and Survival Association, Nilüfer Misi Women Culture and Solidarity Association and Atlas Village Women's Solidarity Association. After the trekking, the project partners visited the Exchange House in the neighborhood of Görükle, the Nilüfer Municipality and Bursa Lausanne Exchange of Culture and Solidarity Association.

The project Yürüyüş Walking on the Eurasian Road ın is the 5 of the Civil Society Dialogue Program, which is funded by the European Union, the contracting authority is the Central Finance and Contracts Unit and carried out by the EU Presidency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey. It was one of the projects that were awarded the grant within the scope of the period. The Applicant Association of Cultural Routes (KRD) is running this project in partnership with the European Via Francigena Association (EAVF) in Italy and the Association for Tracing Environment in Greece (TYE).


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