The description of Mansur Yavaş: Esenboğa Metro

mansur slow slow esenboga subway description
mansur slow slow esenboga subway description

Mansur Yavaş's Esenboğa Subway Statement: Speaking at the meeting held at the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council, Mansur Yavaş made statements for the metro project that will facilitate transportation from the city center to Esenboğa Airport in Ankara.

During the election process, Esenboğa Airport and 15 July Red Crescent National Will Square reminiscent of the promise of a subway project, Yavaş said that the project is necessary to implement the budget to meet the international credit institutions said that the end of negotiations.

In the interviews with the credit institutions, the World Bank gave the appropriate offer and said that the negotiations with the Japanese companies are still continuing. “Our metro project will start from 15 July Red Crescent National Will Square and will be in the direction of Pursaklar, fairground, airport and Çubuk via Sites. I hope we will try to make it happen. Because the European Union has support for the metro to be built at the airport. So we want to take it first. We are trying to get the cheapest and the longest time since the money we spend here, the credit we will get, will be costed to Ankara. TX (T24)

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