A Commission Was Established In The Assembly For The Problem Of Çiğli İZBAN

cigli izban issue commission established in parliament
cigli izban issue commission established in parliament

KarşıyakaIn the lower part of the ground in the upper section of the IZBAN line in Cigli and the town is seen as a problem to divide into two parts Infrastructure and Superstructure Coordination Commission was established.

Infrastructure and Superstructure Coordination Commission was established in Çiğli Municipality. While the services such as roads, bridges, parks, landscaping, railway and metro lines in the city are carried out through the relevant ministries of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, the establishment of a commission in this direction as a district municipality drew attention. The commission, which will carry out studies on the main problems of Çiğli, is expected to discuss the proposals, demands and complaints on behalf of the municipality by meeting with the Metropolitan Municipality and ministries when necessary. 5 people are present in the commission formed at the meeting. The Chairman of the Commission, Barbaros Kiris of CHP, Sözcüwas Hüsnü Boztepe from the AK Party. CHP Suat Caglayan, CHP Ali Riza Kocer and AK Party Nedim Aslan was elected as a commission member.

the izban KarşıyakaThe fact that the railway line passing through the upper part divides the district into two parts is not one of the biggest problems of Çiğli. It is known that citizens and craftsmen complain about the situation. Utku Gümrükçü, Chairman of the Republican People's Party (CHP) of Çiğli Municipality, expressed his thoughts on this matter from time to time.BayraklıİZBAN goes over the ground in Cigli and also divides the districts into two. But Karşıyakaline goes underground in. Why? Because Karşıyakahas an identity. We made a sound, but it wasn't enough. We will change the fate of Cigli. One of the first things we want to do is to get İZBAN underground ”. The commission is expected to carry out a process specifically related to this issue. KarşıyakaIn the same way, the extension of the underground underground in Izmir Ulukent'e Cigli and the subway in the center of the fire department to reach the point where the work was transferred to the scope of the commission was transferred.

Speaking for the commission established, Çiğli Mayor Utku Gümrükçü said, iğ Çiğli had problems waiting to be solved for years. We put the stone under our hands to end the problems. We came to this office to produce service. I want to walk the road with the common mind in the municipality as president. It is very important that our Assembly is also active. At this point we have created a new commission. And we didn't disregard the party in doing so. Our only aim is to serve Çiğli. This commission will allow Cigli's problems to be discussed in Izmir and Ankara and reach a solution. According to parliamentary arithmetic, the commissions normally include four representatives of the Alliance of Nations and one representative of the President of the Republic. But in this commission we wanted to follow a more participatory way by making two-to-three ”.

Of the commission sözcüAK Party's Boztepe, on the other hand, said, “For us, it is not important that Utku has been the president, Ahmet has been Okan and Mehmet has been Mehmet. We are the president's supporters in all matters that will benefit Çiğli. While the opposition in the parliament is doing its duty, we say right, wrong and wrong, and we will continue to do so. "Good luck to the commission that will ensure that Çiğli's problems are discussed on every platform." (Egehab is)



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