Bursa Strengthens Competitiveness in Body Sector

bursa strengthens its competitiveness in the body sector
bursa strengthens its competitiveness in the body sector

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) continues the International Competitiveness Development (UR-GE) Project for the body sector, one of the most important branches of the automotive sector. The project aims to strengthen the competitiveness of the sector in the global arena.

UR-GE projects prepared by BTSO with the support of the Ministry of Commerce increase the export of the sectors and contribute to the branding of the companies. In Turkey, most UR & D projects, corporate walked among the BCCI, Commercial Vehicle Body, superstructure and began Supplier Sector In the 2018 UR & D Project. The Body UR-GE project approved by the Ministry of Commerce earlier this year includes the 30 company.


The needs analysis was completed first in the project, which was designed in line with the demands of the sector. After the needs analysis, training and institutionalization activities will be organized for UR-GE member companies. 3, which is the project period, will carry out overseas business programs in the target markets determined throughout the year.


BTSO Board Member Muhsin Koçaslan said that they started the UR-GE project upon the demands of business representatives in the body sector, which is one of the sub-sectors of the automotive industry. The project will be carried out under the corporate identity and the industry with overseas promotional activities will be led to the opening to the world record Koçasl, "the BCCI about UR & D institutions are one of the experts in Turkey. Our goal is to make the best use of the export potential of our sector. The sector has a serious demand in this regard. We already know that there is an important potential in the field of bodywork in Bursa. ”


Turkey's leading automotive industry body in the city of Bursa Muhsin noted that the major companies hosted Koçasl said, "Body, private sector who want craftsmanship and mastery. Bursa has already had a natural cluster in the body sector since the years of 1950. We aim to strengthen this potential. We started the UR-GE project to enable our companies to use their production capability in different fields and to expand their business volumes. We have important competitors in the international arena. With a common strategy, our companies can be much more competitive in global markets. In the coming period, we want the companies to gain new customers by going to the target markets demanded by our sector. Kul

Within the scope of UR-GE projects carried out by BTSO in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce, support such as training, consultancy, overseas marketing and procurement committees are provided for companies. Within the scope of the project, a total of up to 4,5 million dollars support is provided to member companies.



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