Bursa High Speed ​​Line Demirtas Viaduct Does 4 End With Worker Work?

bursa fast train line demirtas viadugu worker's work ends
bursa fast train line demirtas viadugu worker's work ends

In these columns, mesaj Every time we include an improvement in transport projects, a message rain starts from some readers:
Unuz You forgot the high-speed train ne when will it arrive in Bursa? ”
We have not forgotten the high-speed train. We even take care to convey every step taken as we hear the smallest development.
Although the citizens of Bursa are desiring and waiting with great longing, the high-speed train is reluctant to come to Bursa.
Just last year…
When the 2020 year target for test drives was voiced, there were friends who rebuked us for writing ız we are willing to 2023 ”. Apparently, there are even longer dates.
Leave the superstructure and rail laying and electromechanical systems, infrastructure work is not finished yet. Those studies are not at all temperamental and exciting.
The last image we received shows that only 4 workers are working in Demirtaş Viaduct. I guess there's no need for another word. (Ahmet Emin Yılmaz)



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