Smooth Roads, Safe Rides in the Capital

safe roads in the capital
safe roads in the capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities in order to provide a more comfortable and comfortable driving pleasure for the drivers of the capital city. Metropolitan Municipality, which has accomplished many works from road construction, new road opening, asphalt laying, and overpass construction, also cleans the concrete remains on the roads.

The teams of Urban Aesthetics Department clean the concrete residues which are poured from concrete mixers and negatively affect the driving pleasure and safety on the roads. Leri . On the other hand, in order to provide a comfortable, comfortable and safe driving pleasure for our capitalized drivers, we also carry out the elimination of concrete residues on asphalt floors that damage the vehicles. ”


The officials also informed that the works carried out with great security and with the utmost care were carried out with special equipment. The concrete remains are carefully cleaned from where they are, so as not to damage the asphalt ”.

In the event of intervention before the concrete dries, the negotiation is done with pressurized water in the concrete crushers, the authorities also noted that cleaning is done, “We eliminate the negativity with intensive security measures. However, sometimes the left-hand lane, sometimes the bridge entrances and exits to eliminate the difficulties of our teams is quite difficult. Because we are making great efforts to close the road to traffic and perform the work without causing any damage to life and property. ”


In the last 7 month, 142 different residues of 325 concrete have been cleaned and this 23 ton of concrete waste has been removed from the roads.

Authorities also stated that the most ruins are especially in the summer months. “Our regular cleaning throughout the year is increasing especially in the summer months when construction starts.”



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