Mayor İmamoğlu: Examined Galataport Project

president imamoglu found reviews in the galataport
president imamoglu found reviews in the galataport

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluBüyükyalı in Zeytinburnu and KabataşHe also made observations in Galataport after the Martı projects in Turkey. Emphasizing that he will visit all projects that will affect the city, İmamoğlu said, this is one of the 20 projects we have determined. We will continue to tour them. Then, he said, we want a tight coordination between these projects and our work team.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, visited the Galataport project in Karaköy and received information from the authorities. İmamoğlu was accompanied by IMM Secretary General Yavuz Erkut and his assistants. Emphasizing that he visited projects that will affect Istanbul, İmamoğlu said, "We want to go one-on-one and learn together. Understanding what is being done, its impact on its immediate environment and how we can be involved in the process, cooperation, understanding how we can participate in the project in the most efficient way, to provide…

This is the basis of our visits. We visited the third project together here. This is one of the 20 projects we have identified. We will continue to tour them. Then we want a tight coordination between these projects and our work team. He said this is our purpose of arrival.


After İmamoğlu explained the purpose of his visit, the company managers gave information to the IMM President through the project model. Describing Galataport as a city project, the administrators noted that the region has a settlement plan that is compatible with the neighborhood texture. Expressing that the Karaköy coastline, which is closed to pedestrians, will be opened to the use of the public with the project, the managers stated that their aim is to transform the city into a promenade that brings the sea together. It is aimed to provide visual and physical access to the Bosphorus through the corridors to be created between the managers, İmamoğlu and the Buildings. The maximum heights of the buildings within the scope of the project will be planned lower than the current situation. Tophane Square will be one of the most prominent squares in Istanbul, with an area of ​​nearly 30 decares, including the park next to it and its branches descending to the Bosphorus. Likewise, with the restoration of the registered buildings in the project area, the very valuable historical buildings of Istanbul are returned to the city. kazanshared information will be released.


The executives said that the Cruise Passenger Terminal will also be reconstructed at world standards within the scope of the project and said, “The new terminal is planned to be built underground in order to continue uninterruptedly bringing the people and tourists to the Bosphorus. With the underground parking lot planned as part of the project, it is aimed to solve the park problem of the region. Galataport, which hosts the best examples of contemporary art in Turkey with the Istanbul Modern and Mimar Sinan University Painting and Sculpture Museum, - will be the center of the arts. He said that the squares and all open spaces within the project area will also be used as open air exhibition and installation areas.

The Salıpazarı Port Tender, known to the public as the Galataport Project, was held on May 16, 2013. Project construction started in February 2014.

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