Living Here Number of Foreigners in Turkey

asked numerous foreigners living in Turkey
asked numerous foreigners living in Turkey

Address Based Population Registration System, according to the results of 2018 years, December 31 2018 date, the foreign population was thousand 1 211 34 million people residing in Turkey. Turkey forms the 1,5% of the population of foreign nationals xnumx's% of the population are men, while women constituted the 49,7%.

2013 year before and until 31 December 2018 date of the non-resident foreign nationals residing in our country while the rate of 11,9%, 2018 year-end rate of the percentage of people who came to the end of the year was realized as 39,1.

When the distribution of the foreign nationals who started to live in 2018 in our country and remained uninterrupted until 31 December 2018 was examined, it was seen that% 51,3 of this population was male and% 48,7 was female.

On the other hand, 2013 and 46,4% of men and 53,6% of the foreign nationals who came to our country and continued to live there before were women.

In the year 2018 1 million 211 thousand 34 foreign population living in Turkey, when to come in 2013 years prior to and continuously in our country, the distribution based on the nationality of the country of residing, it was seen that ranks first in Germany nationals with 30,7%.

Germany was followed by Austria with 6%, Azerbaijan with 5,1%, Afghanistan with 4,6% and Turkmenistan with 4% respectively.

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