The Cancellation Decision Of Selekler Stop Is Revoked In Antalya

the decision of the cancellation of the stop in Antalya was revoked
the decision of the cancellation of the stop in Antalya was revoked

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality officials, Selekler Stop the abolition of the decision in line with the intense demand from the citizens canceled. Durak will continue to serve

The decision to cancel the Selekler Stop was withdrawn due to the reaction of the local public transportation of Antalya. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality officials to stop the passengers at the number 15059 stop (Selekler) announced that all vehicle drivers to stop.

In recent days, KC06 buses did not stop at the Selekler Stop because of the reaction of the passengers who stated that they were victims of social media took place in Antalya Ekspres. After the reactions, the authorities said that the station was removed because it was located in a traffic-intensive area. In recent days, KC06 and other line buses began to download and receive passengers again, the question of the stall that has attracted attention again. The drivers on the route in question, said they were given a new instruction on how to stop at the stop.


In the Yavuz Özcan Park, where the Selekler Stop is located, the disabled and their families reacted to the Disabled Service Center and the authorities made a statement regarding the activation of the stop again. Said the stop, the Nostalgia Tram Stop is planned as the rail system is located in the direction of the officials, the stop of the public transport vehicles can be used in a secure way to move across the south announced that the relocation will be provided.

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With the decision of the Metropolitan Municipality officials who do not remain indifferent to the demand of the passengers, the waiting area of ​​the passengers on the pavement will be expanded. Nostalgia Tram Stop 06 was added to the route of KC21, KL58, MC68 and MC15059 plate numbers providing transportation services from Konyaaltı Avenue and the D plate was assembled. According to the announcement, a new arrangement will be made in the near future and the covered tram stop will be moved to the south and the pavement will be opened. In this way, citizens who prefer the bus in public transportation will be able to use the Selekler Stop safely. (Antalya Express)



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