Turkey, World Lighting Production Base To Be Moving the Target

Umeda lighting turkey production is progressing on target to become the world uss
Umeda lighting turkey production is progressing on target to become the world uss

Fahir Gök, Chairman of AGID - Lighting Equipment Manufacturers Association, said that the lighting industry has increased its production by approximately 10 percent in the last 113 years. Stating that the foreign trade balance of electrical lighting equipment is shrinking due to the developments in exports and imports, Gök said, "The deficit, which was $ 444,59 million, has decreased to $ 149,35 million in the last five years thanks to the measures taken by the Ministry of Industry and Technology". .

ATMK - Lighting National Committee Chairman of the Board Dr. Sermin Onaygilis to the fact that Turkey should give priority to export the draw, drew attention to the added value that we have the potential to become the world's high-design products by focusing on lighting production base.

Turkey has grown in recent years the scale of the lighting manufacturing sector. The sector, which has been developing steadily in the value added production model, has managed to increase 10 production in the electrical lighting equipment manufacturing industry in the last 112,7 years. Stating that the lighting sector in which 4.375 company operates and which employs more than one thousand people 25 increased its exports by 2018 percent in 4,7 year and reached 466 million dollar export values, AGID President Fahir Gök declined and 15,4 declined by 727 million million 615,37 million XNUMX million XNUMX million XNUMX said that came down.

The lighting industry has started off in the last 5 years
President of AGID Fahir Gök, who made important statements about the sector before the IstanbulLight, 18th International Lighting & Electrical Equipment Fair and Congress, which will be held at Istanbul Expo Center on September 21-2019, 12, as the potential of the sector is evaluated more efficiently, He expressed his belief that the trade deficit could be closed and the net exporter position could be achieved. Gök emphasized that the foreign trade balance of electrical Lighting equipment is shrinking depending on the developments in exports and imports and that the deficit, which was 2013 million dollars in 444,59, decreased to 2018 million dollars in 149,35 thanks to the measures taken by the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the great performance of the sector. drew. Referring to China's Ministry's work on the lighting industry to invest in Turkey in the Sky, "recent new collaborations, acquisitions scratch, you'll hear a lot of new companies setting up. geography where Turkey is very important and indispensable to China and found "he said.

We are on the way to becoming a net exporter
Stating that the sector has a strong potential especially in terms of product and quality standards, human resources and logistics infrastructure, AGID President Fahir Gök stated that their goals are to adapt to new global trends, to compete with new competitors, especially in Asia, and to have more say in rapidly growing markets in our immediate environment. stated that. ATMK and organized by ınformamarkets with AGID strategic partnership ıstanbullight 12th International Lighting & Electrical Supplies Exhibition and Congress for the sector to new markets and opportunities for cooperation offers to Turkey and the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the CIS countries and Asia 6.500 He added that more than 230 companies from the sector will take place in IstanbulLight.

Public energy efficiency policies can boost domestic market 10-15 percent
In our country, especially in recent years, kazanDrawing attention to the energy efficiency issue, which is among the current and strategic goals, ATMK Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Sermin Onaygil stated that the domestic market of electrical Lighting equipment offers a significant growth potential. Stating that the evaluation of this potential is closely related to the policies and projects to be implemented by the public, Onaygil said, in case the public implements LED replacement-focused and smart city projects in line with the energy efficiency target, the domestic market will grow by 10 to 15 percent annually and 3,89 He said it is predicted to reach up to billions of dollars.

New target of the sector: Creating more added value with original design
Stating that our country is not yet at the desired level in lighting technologies, but that we have started to stand out in terms of original design in recent years, ATMK President Onaygil said, “The 18th National Lighting Congress with the main theme of “Qualified Lighting in Turkey” on September 19-12, simultaneously with the IstanbulLight Fair, which is held every two years. He stated that they will do it. Stating that their aim is to focus on subjects that will add value and give direction to the sector, Onaygil said, “Qualified lighting is a subject that needs to be filled properly. Most importantly, your human resources, infrastructure, vision, knowledge and production features must have world-class technology. Only a few currencies in a production whose design and technology is dependent on foreign kazan10, 20, even 100 if you can design original kazanyou can. This should be our aim and what we want as an industry. There are also problems in the global world, but these opportunities are important when evaluated well. kazanIt can turn into impressions.” said.

Everything about lighting at IstanbulLight Fair in September
In IstanbulLight, the only international fair of the lighting sector, technical lighting fixture manufacturers and importers, decorative lighting fixture manufacturers and importers, lamp manufacturers and exporters, lighting component manufacturers and importers, lighting design firms, electrical lighting contracting groups, electrical equipment manufacturers and importers, lighting products and services of national and international companies from manufacturers and importers of control equipment.

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