Istanbul's Metro Network is Watched with 7 Thousand Cameras

Istanbul's metro network is being monitored with a thousand cameras
Istanbul's metro network is being monitored with a thousand cameras

Metro Istanbul's “Security Monitoring Center”, which is designed to enable Istanbulites to travel safely, provides 7 / 7 services with nearly one thousand cameras and advanced technological equipment. In eight sessions, the 24 rail system line is monitored by a new generation of technological equipment.

Metro Istanbul, one of the companies of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, continues its works in order to enable Istanbulites to travel safely and peacefully.

In this context, the Security Monitoring Center (GIM), equipped with a new generation of technological equipment, was launched in August 2018.

Thanks to the Center, a possible problem, fast and result-oriented intervention.

In the Security Monitoring Center, nearly one thousand 7 cameras in Istanbul's metro network are continuously monitored during the 8 session. Approximately one thousand 800 events are intervened each month and the center provides 7 / 24 services.

The 35 graduate special security personnel and the technological center where the 4 supervisor is employed also include police officers.

Fast detection in case of doubt
The Security Monitoring Center was established in Yenikapı Metro Station to detect immediate dangerous situations, abnormal operations and suspicious activities. In this center where security and operational strategies are observed in all rail system lines of Istanbul, there are advanced usage opportunities for support purposes.

Analytical monitoring will be started with smart software which is currently being worked on and planned to be put into operation in the short term. Thus, the real and perceptual security level will be maximized.

Visit from the President İmamoğlu
Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlu, who also visited GİM during his visits during Eid al-Adha, examined the works at the site. Receiving detailed information from the managers about the activities of the Center, President İmamoğlu drew attention to the importance of the center for the security of the metro.

Instant response to theft
GIM teams, which have achieved significant success since the day it was founded, finally settled the grievance of a female passenger who forgot her laptop bag on the seating benches at the exit of Yenikapi Metro Station.

In the center, CCTV (Close Circuit TeleVision) system, as a result of the live monitoring retrospectively, the person who took the laptop was identified and caught by the station police in the tourniquet area. Laptop stolen female passenger, lived in a very short time on the grievance of the Security Monitoring Center teams thanked.



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