Varsak Yesiltepe Tram Line will be in service tomorrow

If we have yesiltepe tram line comes into service
If we have yesiltepe tram line comes into service

Council Pleasing decision for Kırcami Mayor Böcek, “Kırcami was not a tool for politics” At the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Council Extraordinary Assembly meeting, Kırcami's decisions on 1 / 5000 and 1 / 1000 Master Plan Revisions were decided. “Kırcami is not the fate of our citizens,” said President Muhitin Böcek, wishing the decision was beneficial and thanked those who contributed.

29 / 1 and 5000 / 1-scale revision of the 1000 / XNUMX Plan revised by XNUMX and XNUMX / IMM objections were discussed. The decision of the Commission was adopted unanimously by the councilors.

Although the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality took a holiday decision in August, it convened extraordinarily to decide on urgent issues. In the Assembly, 9 / 2 / 1 and 5000 / 1-scale Master Plan Revision Plans of Kırcami concerning the whole of the neighborhood and part of the 1000 neighborhood were unanimously approved. Expressing his satisfaction with the unanimous adoption of the resolution, Mayor Böcek thanked the political parties, members of the Metropolitan Assembly and everyone who contributed to this issue.

“Kırcami is not the fate of our citizens, Başkan said President Böcek,“ We ​​have said many times that while there are 25-storey buildings on one side of the road for the full 10 year, we continue to plant lettuce on one side. I saw that this was very sensitive. The fact that Kırcami plans are passed unanimously with the contributions of our councilor friends shows that Kırcami is not a tool in politics in Antalya ”.

After the unanimous decision of the decision, Mayor Ümit Uysal Muratpaşa Mayor Kırnami stated that they spent a lot of work in the 5 annual process and gave information about the process. Mayor Uysal said: X In the last 5 year, we worked without breathing. With the expectation of a vote, we did not do this so that our citizens constantly honor us. We had meetings on weekends, many times out of office hours. 5 thousandth stage During the 2009 - 2014 process, we have spent thousands of the metropolitan plan in the process we have passed together with the Metropolitan Municipality Council by offering several revisions to the 18 application. Over the past 5 years we have done constructive work. We would like to thank all the members of the Assembly. ”

Assembly, 3. It also decided to transfer the operation of Varsak-Yeşiltepe to 1 and 2 Light Rail Contractor Antalya Transportation Services A: Ş. 3. The route between Varsak-Yesiltepe of the Stage Rail System Line will start to serve on 11 August Sunday, the first day of the Sacrifice Feast. The line will carry free passengers during the feast.

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