Trams in Eskişehir Decorated with 30 August Victory Day Messages

Eskisehir trams silenced by August Victory Day messages
Eskisehir trams silenced by August Victory Day messages

In the Dream Wagon Project, jointly organized by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality and Furya Association, the awareness work that was previously carried out to draw attention to violence against women was realized for 30 August Victory Day. Furya Association, carrying out awareness and awareness raising activities in the community with the cards they hung on the handles of the trams, decorated the trams in Eskişehir with the messages of 30 August Victory Day.

Metropolitan Municipality continues to support social responsibility projects. The Furya Association, which prepares various information cards by selecting specific topics with the Dream Wagon Project, aims to draw attention to important issues with the works they carry out. Previously in Eskişehir and Kayseri, the association tried to create public opinion by hanging cards with the theme of ismar Abuse and Rape,, and this time, with the support of Eskişehir and İzmir Metropolitan Municipalities, they decorated the trams with 30 August Victory Day messages.

Citizens who ride on the tram in the morning, Furya Association and Metropolitan Municipality thanked for their attention to such an important issue. Rıza Özdemir, one of the citizens, expressed his pride once again for being in Eskişehir. “This project really attracted my attention. As soon as I got in the car, I immediately hugged my phone and photographed everywhere. I've traveled all over Turkey as well, but the first time I saw such a study, and I was proud of my own kentia. I think that this kind of work is very valuable especially in the past days as a country. Ti He thanked the Metropolitan Municipality and Furya Association.

The cards placed on the tram handles include the importance of 30 August, the words of Atatürk and the names of the heroes who supported the National Struggle. The cards will continue to be in the vehicles for two days.

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