Easy Access to 310 District with Line 3

easy access to the district by line
easy access to the district by line

The transportation vehicles operated by TransportationPark, a subsidiary of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, are used by the citizens. The line 310, which provides transportation between Dilovası, Gebze and Darıca districts, stands out as one of these popular vehicles. 3 The 310 line, which reaches the center of the district and reaches almost all important regions of the districts, is preferred by the citizens. The 3 line, which acts as a bridge between 310 districts, saves citizens from grievances and performs transportation services in the region in the best way.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, citizens without a victim safely and comfortably go to the places they want to go to work quickly continues. The 55 bus, which runs 310 kilometers on each turn, makes 32 flights per day. TransportationPark, which provides services to the citizens living in Dilovası, Gebze and Darıca districts every day, ensures the satisfaction of the citizens in line with the positive feedback received.

The 310 line, one of the most important lines of the Gebze garage, provides transportation services to citizens residing in the region through city centers. 3 is located in the district of Gebze Fatih State Hospital, Dilovası Dilovası State Hospital, Darica, Darica Farabi State Hospital provides the citizens '' non-direct access. The 310 line, which also stops at the Marmaray train stations in Gebze, is a popular and preferred line.

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