A New Step for Menderes Boulevard Traffic

A new step has been taken for menderes boulevard traffic
A new step has been taken for menderes boulevard traffic

Rize Municipality continues to work on the solution of the traffic density in the city center.

A new step was taken by Rize Municipality especially in the solution of traffic congestion that occurs at certain times of the day in the region known as Meteler junction.

Within the scope of the network of highways, Rize Municipality, Highways and Provincial Police Department in line with the decision taken jointly, road widening at the roundabout was made to work to make the traffic flow a little more comfortable.

The road width of the point known as Meteler junction on Menderes Boulevard was inadequate in terms of increasing the number of vehicles and traffic density and necessary steps were taken by Rize Municipality with General Directorate of Highways and a new lane was added to a section of central roundabout to ease the traffic flow. This and similar activities will continue with different steps at different points in the process, taking into consideration the traffic of the city.

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