Susmuş of 80 visited Father Hearth TÜDEMSAŞ

father's visit to the quarry tudemsasi
father's visit to the quarry tudemsasi

Musician and actor Aydın Sarman, who has signed on many series and film music, especially on 80 series, came to TÜDEMSAŞ where his father worked for 25 year and visited General Manager Mehmet Başoğlu in his office. During the visit, Aydın Sarman examined the file of his father Muhlis Sarman and then toured the Wagon Repair Factory Wheel Branch where his father worked. Sarman said, gez It took me to my childhood to visit Cer Ateliesi, my father's new name, TÜDEMSAŞ, where my father retired after working for 25 years. I would like to thank the General Manager and his team..

1968 Muhlis Sarman, father of the artist Aydın Sarman, who was born in Sivas, started working in our company in 1942. After many years of service as a Control Officer at the Wheel Branch of the Wagon Repair Factory, he retired in 1971.

Aydın Sarman, who is mostly known for his musician identity, acted as a teacher in Arka Sıradakiler and X Susmuş ”in the 80 series. Some of the series and movies of Aydın Sarman's music are as follows; Anatolian Tiger, Woman Loves, Back Row, Daddy Will Not Me, Metropol Cafe, Oks Moms, Airport, Princess Perfinya, Liar Romance, Lesson Ataturk, Papatyam, Teacher Kemal, My Father, Thanks, Eighties, Rich Girl Poor Boy, Ninets, Home Office, Heart Thief, Dairy Philosopher, Queen of May, If we leave together, Stairs Father, Cotton.



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