70 Thousand Vehicles Passed a Day at Fire Interchange Completed

a thousand vehicles on the day of firefighters completed the work
a thousand vehicles on the day of firefighters completed the work

Şahin Şerifoğulları, Mayor of Elazığ, continues to implement projects to ease the transportation problems in the city, which are among the pre-election promises. Within this scope, the works started at the Fire Junction where approximately 70 thousand vehicles pass per day were completed and the drivers were provided with safe and comfortable transportation.

The work that was initiated at the Fire Brigade which provides the connection of the city with the eastern region and increased the traffic density with the opening of Şehit Fethi Sekin City Hospital was completed. At the junction with the works initiated by Elazığ Municipality Transportation Services Directorate; geometric arrangement, signaling system and pedestrian crossing.

In order to make the traffic flow more regular, flowing and safe in the junction of the city which is located on the crossing route of many neighborhoods, a signalization study that will comfortably relieve the traffic flow in line with the intersection characteristics and the geometric arrangement work that will provide traffic flow in different directions were realized.

With the completion of the works initiated at the Fire Crossing, a safer, more comfortable and fluent transportation opportunity was provided.

Şahin Şerifoğulları, Mayor of Elazığ, stated that they will continue to take decisive steps in order to provide fast and effective solutions in order to ease the transportation in the city. “ As in all areas of life, it is among our priorities to produce solutions to urban traffic problems and to minimize the problems. Within this scope, we have completed a series of new arrangements that we have initiated at the Firefighters' Crossroads where 3 Boulevard and 3 Main Street are connected. Traffic will become much safer and more comfortable in this region, and material and injuries will be reduced to the lowest level. We work on transportation at many points throughout the city. We have made significant progress in the transportation projects we have announced before the election and completed some of them. Hopefully, we will be able to realize all of our projects in a short time and enable our citizens to make transportation more fluently, safer and more comfortable. ”

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