6 Thousand 376 Persons 288 Million Passed Through Kocaeli Terminal in 2 Months

thousand per month from the Kocaeli terminal thousand people
thousand per month from the Kocaeli terminal thousand people

Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal, which is a subsidiary of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, has been operating since May 2017. Having hosted 6 million 2019 thousand 1 visitors in the first half of 734, TransportationPark has enabled 854 thousand 376 people to travel safely. citizens from the terminal to use the buses to the four corners of Turkey, until the bus ride to the Metropolitan Municipality by the safe, clean and entertained in a spacious environment.

The bus terminal, operated by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, hosts an average of 10 thousand visitors every day. Having hosted a total of 2019 million 6 thousand 1 visitors in the first 734 monthly period of the first 854 year, UlasPark provides citizens with both security and spacious, peaceful environment. The passengers, who are also provided with safety until they get on the bus, prefer Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal for many different reasons. A few of the reasons that citizens prefer; the bus station is clean, safe, spacious and accessible.

2019 thousand 376 passengers traveled from Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal in the first half of 288. The bus terminal, which is highly preferred, has become a transportation hub with the latest innovations. Busy activity takes place every day at the bus terminal, which includes many shops as well as an area used by travelers. In total, 6 has made the entry and exit of the 167 thousand 630 buses per month. Another statistic was the number of buses entering the bus station in the first six months of 2019. 6 167 thousand 630 buses provided entry and exit to the bus station in Izmit. Transportation Park, which offers a comfortable area at the Otogar where citizens prefer to travel in intercity transportation, offers the guests 'Guest-Centered Service'.

The bus station has been renewed from the beginning
Otogar, which was taken over by 2017 by the Metropolitan Municipality, was renewed from start to finish. From the parking lot to the terminal, from the taxi stand, the masjid to the ground stones, benches, toilets, from bank ATMs to afforestation and landscaping, the Metropolitan Municipality renewed all the details without skipping, and placed the X-ray devices at all entrances to maximize the safety of the Bus Station.

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