Crazy Turkish Railways Will Lay 6 Km Rail In A Day

turkish railroaders
turkish railroaders

Turkey started to bring local and national industries with sound move. the moves launched in the defense and aerospace industry are making our hearts brighter. habermarmar to crazy Turkish railroad looking for notice line, 6 km rail laying machine group designed and asked for support reported daily.

The world is globalizing, distances and borders are lifted. With internet technology, you can shop from a mountain village and receive it at your door. Thanks to the developing world and technological innovations, everything becomes faster and easier with smart machines. At this point where the world comes, the importance of railways becomes evident. The railway is safe and it is the most preferred means of transportation and distribution because it connects every point it passes to the world. The transportation vehicle of the next century will be rail systems…

So why were the railways so important and not grow?

Railways were not preferred due to their high construction costs, but as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the world is being re-equipped with steel networks with the development reached in rail laying and high-speed train (YHT) technology. The Chinese aim to reach London from Beijing in 12 days with the 'One Generation One Road' project and they will spend $ 5 trillion in this business.

It is at this stage that the importance of the machines that lay and renew rail systems. The railways, which used to take years of construction, are finished in a very short time thanks to the giant machines. The state-of-the-art 180 meter in the world was built by the Austrians and a machine that paved and renovated 2 km rails per day.

Crazy Turkish Railroad Will Lay 6 km Rail In A Day

Zeki Erdoğan, who is looking for HaberMarmara tip line, stated that he has designed a machine that will lay 6 km rail per day and looking for support based on his experiences and observations on the field for years.

TCDD, Izmir 3. Zeki Erdogan, who works in the maintenance and repair directorate, with an investment of approximately 100 million pounds Eskisehir TULOMSAS and Sivas TUDEMSAS factories can be done with domestic technology announced.

Zeki Erdoğan said in an interview with our HaberMarmara publishing group.

habermarmar to As a publishing group, we think that it is very important for our country to make an exit with the railway industry after the defense and aviation sectors in these years when it started its own national and local industry move.

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    1. I congratulate the intelligent brain for his courage .. I think rail laying machines examined. Some standards may be exceeded. Destak state (industrial ministry) or private sectors may pioneer for production. The project construction takes 52 months.