Ankarakart Period Begins on 2 September in Private Public Buses

ankarakart period starts in September in private public buses
ankarakart period starts in September in private public buses

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate is also implementing the ANKARAKART application in Mavi Private Public Bus (ÖHO), one of the public transportation vehicles serving in the capital.

ANKARA, which is valid in public transportation, will be used in Mavi Private Public Buses starting from Monday to September.


Electronic Fare Collection System (validator) Blue Private Public Buses to complete the installation process, including ÖHO'larının access to the capital in the single card (ANKARAKART) period will be passed.

With the implementation of ANKARAKART in Mavi Private Public Buses, citizens will then be able to provide easier access to all buses and rail systems with a single card.

20 in EGO Buses started to be used from March 2013 on March, while 15 is used in Private Public Transportation (ELV) as of May 2017. With the transition to ANKARAKART ÖHO'ların cash wage payment will end.


EGO General Directorate signed a contract with Mavi Private Public Bus owners providing public transportation services on the 14 route throughout the capital, while the validator connections of the buses were completed. 75 minute transfer time valid for EGO Buses, ANKARAY, Metro, Cable Car and ELVs will also be valid for 199 ÖHO which serves throughout the capital.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality also provided validator training for Private Public Bus (ÖHO) drivers and operators.

In the training organized by EGO General Directorate, ÖHO drivers and operators received both theoretical and practical information about the use of validators in ANKARAKART application.

Özkan Tuncay, a member of the Board of Directors of the Private Public Buses Chamber, said that the training they received was useful for recognizing the new system. Our transition to ANKARAKART will also be good for citizens. We will be included in the same system as EGO buses. We passed by the instructions of our President Mansur. People can get on whatever vehicle comes without having to choose a vehicle. ”

Blue Jacob Dincer while private buses from the driver, "remained a single wage system in Oho in Turkey. That is why it was good for us to switch to this system ”.

Thousand 448 EGO Buses, 132 Private Public Transportation (ELV) and 199 Blue Private Public Bus (ÖHO) provide public transportation services in the capital.

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