YHT Baggage Handling Rules

yht baggage transport rules
yht baggage transport rules

The rules set by TCDD regarding the baggage that will be brought by the passengers who prefer to travel to YHT are as follows. It is very important that you review these rules in advance for a peaceful journey. You may also be penalized if you carry excess baggage.

Hand Luggage

Small Hand Luggage (Cabin Baggage)

In trains, only trains with small hand luggage (cabin baggage) alongside the passenger and automobile wagons are accepted to carry excess goods by the passenger under the following conditions.

1-TCDD TRANSPORTATION INC. passengers who have valid tickets on their trains are under their supervision and responsibility;

YHT Trains:


65x50x35 cm. 1 parts not exceeding the dimensions or,
55 parts not exceeding 40x23x2 cm or,
Athlete's bags (two parts per person) in dimensions that will fit in the section above the head of the train,

It is accepted as hand baggage (cabin baggage) on trains and is carried free of charge according to the following conditions of carriage.

The total weight of all of the above-classified goods per passenger is 30 kg per passenger. `can not pass.

Apart from the aforementioned amount, 10 per piece of additional baggage on the side of the passenger, provided that it has the same dimensions. 00 is subject to a fee. The number of suitcases to be carried in the dimensions mentioned above, even if paid, cannot be more than two in medium size suitcases and more than three in small suitcases.

In addition, 10.00 TLFixed charge, 2, for the first suitcase of size larger than the above-mentioned size. 30 TL fixed fee is charged for piece-sized suitcase. The maximum number of suitcases to be accepted for High Speed ​​Trains cannot be more than two per person.

Outline and Regional Trains:


80 piece size of 55x30x1 cm or,
65x50x35 cm. 1 parts not exceeding the dimensions or,
55x40x23 pieces not exceeding 2

It is accepted as hand baggage (cabin baggage) on trains and is carried free of charge according to the following conditions of carriage.

The total weight of all of the above-classified goods per passenger is 30 kg per passenger. `can not pass.

In addition, the Baggage Fee to be carried will be calculated according to the distance traveled according to the tariff and the estimated weight of the goods and will be collected separately.

2-YHT Checkpoints and stations do not match the size and weight (oversize suitcases and goods), insufficient packaging, disturbing other passengers or damage to their property, such as flows, smells and so on. hand baggage, goods that could jeopardize the passage of passengers inside the wagon, boarding and landing safely from trains (carpets, bags, sacks, white goods, etc.) shall not be accepted to the trains.

3-Hand baggage must be located at the top of the area of ​​travel (stamped, bunk, bed, etc.) indicated on your ticket and not to exceed the space allocated to a passenger or in places reserved for storing luggage on trains. All hand luggage; hand bag, suitcase, suitcase, basket, must be kept in the box.

4-In the case of non-compliance with the above-mentioned features and rules during the checks on the train, the authorities shall warn them and take the necessary measures. If not, they will be banned from your journey and TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A.Ş. will not be refunded by any means (including ticket fare).

5-Only on trains with passenger cars or van parts, five parts per passenger and the weight of each part are 30 kg. Excess goods next to the passenger, which will not exceed the quality, will be accepted for carriage in connection with your ticket for a fee. For the goods that will be accepted to carry, the name on the ticket must be written by you on the item. Otherwise the goods will not be accepted in any way to transport.

6-Outline and regional trains, contrary to the above-mentioned transport rules, the passenger is not allowed to leave any space other than the specified size, plus large parcels, bags and so on. If there is no obstacle to carry hand baggage on the train, the passenger will be charged for the baggage depending on the distance and weight of the goods. Otherwise 4. The provisions of Article shall apply.

7-On the trains, health equipment (breathing apparatus, etc.) can be carried free of charge in a shape and size that is relevant to your health and does not disturb other passengers, provided they are suitable for their size.

8-If a suspicious or dangerous situation is detected at the checkpoints and trains, hand luggage can be searched by the personnel or security authorities and your boarding and travel may be prevented. In such cases, TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A.Ş. personnel and safety departments. There will be no reimbursement for your trip unless the travel authorities allow you to continue your trip.

9-The owner of the goods is responsible for any damage and loss caused to others by hand baggage. In case an event occurs due to hand baggage on the train, if the request of the party indicating that it has suffered damage, a record containing the identity information of the parties shall be determined by the personnel in charge and the signature of the parties and the personnel in charge shall be provided. If one of the parties refuses to sign the minutes, this shall be stated separately in the minutes. The minutes to be issued in this way shall be duly transmitted to the judicial authorities.

10In the trains that are given vans or vans with wagons, there are mites, smells etc. which have insufficient packaging for the goods to be accepted for carriage and which will damage other goods. and goods that are considered to be a crime to be transported will not be accepted. 8 about criminal offenses. The procedures specified in the article shall be carried out.

11Hand baggage and surplus goods will be unloaded and put on the train without giving up. The owner of the goods is responsible for all kinds of damages and losses that may occur during the loading and unloading of the goods.

12The cost of baggage charged on trains is in no way refundable.

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