Yahya Kaptan shared the project called Yok No Platform Hep for all of us

yahya captain shared the project we all have no platform
yahya captain shared the project we all have no platform

Tram Line Extension Project is planned to be made within the scope of the 'Stadium Route Yahya Captain Walkway after the information on the uprising Yahya Captains, "touch my green," he did the action, stressed that the objectives of the tram.

A new statement came from Yahya Captain All Platform. Stating that they responded to those who said “There is nothing, what's the action”, the platform shared the Project Introduction File, where all the details of the project were transferred. In the written statement made by the platform, the following statements were made: “As you know, the information that the 'Stadium Route' planned to be constructed within the scope of the 'Tram Line Extension Project' under the responsibility of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will be passed through Yahya Captain Walking Path as much as possible. We tried to announce with our activities and we continue to announce.

Date of decision of 14.06.2019 and 30491585 220-02 E-2019290 to the 'Tram Line Extension Project', which is planned to be realized by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality-Directorate of Studies and Projects - Survey and Plan Branch Directorate, which is the starting point of the process and was forwarded to the District Headman of Yahya by the District Governorship. In the meeting with the Directorate of Transportation, following the notification numbered 'Environmental Impact Assessment is not Required', we received the information that there are 3 different route alternatives that are considered for Yahya Kaptan, but the possibility of walking and cycling is high. At the same time, we requested an appointment from Tahir Büyükakın, Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, but we have not received any response yet.

As the neighborhood and those who use this area, we started to organize various informational organizations since most of us are not aware of this situation. When we reach the 'Project Introduction File' which should be in the annex of the 'EIA Not Required' information while following the process through official means, all the visuals, including satellite image, that are defined as 'Symbol AVM, walking path across Private Medical Park Hospital', are located in the entire project. We also learned that he received. When we met again with the Directorate of Transportation, we learned that only this field was added to the file for the 'EIA not required' report, but it was technically possible to change the route.

As you know, Yahya is a neighborhood between Captain Brisa, GoodYear, Pakmaya, Köfteci Yusuf and D-100 highway, surrounded by bad smell, bad weather and noise. It is not possible to ignore the noise and air pollution that will occur if 361 trees on the route planned to be traded are cut or moved to any place. It should be known that; the existence of this area is not an comfort but an essential need for us.

As those who live here and use it, we love it with its green, nature and animals. We use the road planned for tramway with people from Yuvam, Köseköy and the bazaar to walk, run, bike or sometimes just breathe between the factories. We swing our children on the swings there, and we are happy to be able to run away from vehicles and traffic. We share this place with hundreds of creatures that even our eyes cannot see.

Knowing the importance and value of public transport, we do not accept that the tram route passes through this area and any green area for the sake of rent, and we request the evaluation of alternative routes. We emphasize again and again that our goal is not to prevent the tram project but to change the route without touching the green areas.

We ask all of our press worker friends to ignore the claims such as 'no fols, no eggs' or the rantful rhetoric such as 'it is wise to cut the trees', and to review the Project Introduction File that we conveyed in the attached file, where all the details of the project are transferred. . We also announce to the public that we will be a close follower of the whole process and evaluate all our legal rights. ”

Kocaeli Tram Line Extension For Final Project CLICK HERE

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