Has a Chance to Become a Job in TÜVASAŞ!

will have a chance to work on canvas
will have a chance to work on canvas

Thousands of applicants to İŞKUR for 26 personnel to be taken to TÜVASAŞ will enter the draw before a notary and only 78 will be able to participate in the interview.

Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. to be taken to reach the number of 26 personnel is believed to ride along is not known exactly how many people apply. Unfortunately, only 78 people will have the chance to interview for the job.


Sakarya Labor and Employment Agency Provincial Director Tekin Kaya stated that applications for recruitment to TÜVASAŞ are made online and the period will end at 24.00:XNUMX today.

Kaya stated that they do not know the exact number because the applications are made on the internet, “After the application period is over, the final list will be determined.

On Tuesday, August 6, a raffle will be held in the TÜVASAŞ Tavern at 09.30:XNUMX in the presence of a notary. He will establish a factory management commission for the people whose names will come after, and he will work to evaluate the qualification conditions of the company within the framework of the regulations. ”

In the meantime, the number of candidates to be interviewed, the number of staff to work will be three times said. According to this,
In the drawing of lots on 6 August, 78 people have the right to be interviewed. kazanand 26 of them will be recruited. (Bizimsakary to)

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