UTİKAD Signed 'Istanbul-School Collaboration Istanbul Model Protok Protocol

utikad school industry cooperation signed istanbul model protocol
utikad school industry cooperation signed istanbul model protocol

“School-Industry Cooperation Istanbul Model” protocol has been signed between UTİKAD and TR Istanbul Governorship Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education. On 17 July 2019, Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education Levent Yazıcı, Istanbul Provincial Director of National Education Serkan Gür, Istanbul National Education Directorate Vocational Education R&D Coordinator Jülide Öztürk hosted the signing ceremony held by UTİKAD. President Emre Eldener and Sectoral Relations Expert Gizem Karalı Aydın attended.

International Association of Transport and Logistics Service Providers UTIKAD, improved logistics culture in Turkey and took another significant step towards the aim of promoting academic education. UTİKAD signed the “School-Industry Cooperation Istanbul Model” protocol implemented by the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education. With the signed protocol, it is aimed to meet the educational, social and economic needs of vocational and technical education schools in Istanbul and to provide the qualified workforce needed in the sectors at the highest level with the School-Industry Cooperation Istanbul Model.

Levent Yazici, Istanbul Provincial National Education Director, Serkan Gur, Istanbul Provincial National Education Deputy Director, Jülide Ozturk, Vocational Education R & D Coordinator of Istanbul National Education Directorate, Emre Eldener, Chairman of UTIKAD and Gizem Aydin, UTIKAD Department Expert, attended the signing ceremony.

Speaking at the beginning of the signing ceremony, Istanbul Provincial Director of National Education Serkan Gür said, “UTİKAD is a strong union in this field. We support a very important work both in the national and international area in the field of logistics, as well as a non-governmental organization that is intertwined with our children and schools as if there was a protocol before this protocol. In this sense, we wanted to connect this to National Education and expand its scope a little. ” Providing information about “School-Industry Cooperation Istanbul Model”, Serkan Gür, Deputy Director of Provincial Education, continued his words as follows:

“Within the scope of our model, this or similar work that connects with teacher education, matches some companies and schools, organizes e-conferences, conferences and panels for our children and increases their knowledge and skills in this field by sharing their experiences, and confronts some important figures and makes them feel well. troops and unity, more

coordinated together several times before we've also visited themselves. We had such an offer, and they gladly accepted it. Our association will provide a more systematic development of knowledge and skills with our schools and students in this field in the future. ”

UTİKAD Chairman of the Board Emre Eldener, while expressing the necessity of cooperation between school and industry underlined the importance of UTİKAD'ın education. President Eldener; “School and Industry, or rather sector cooperation, we really need it. In today's conditions where unemployment is so high, we may have difficulty from time to time. Very nice schools were opened for this purpose. We are trying to bring industry and school together as much as possible in order to show a way to these young friends, give them a vision and open a horizon. At this point, for example, we have a joint education plan with ITU, and I am also one of the instructors. We teach different subjects. This is a Master-level program, which lasts close to 1 years, and we give graduates the Diploma of International Transportation and Logistics Specialist, valid in the 160 country. We also care about the training of the trainer. We attach great importance to this cooperation because the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education is the authority that determines the direction of education. As UTİKAD, we are really pleased that we have made such a cooperation with you. We want to move this to another dimension with very good collaborations. I am very happy to sign such a protocol with you here. Thank you. I hope there will be great work and will last for years, ”he said.

Stating that they will make a great contribution to the country with this education model, Levent Yazıcı, Istanbul Provincial Director of National Education said, imiz We all know that our future is actually our qualified children who are raised in these schools. In this field, as stated clearly in the 2023 vision document of the Ministry of National Education, corporate collaborations are a must for us. Within this scope, we have an 37 school in the field of international transport and logistics. This 37 school is working with great importance, even in the new era of hope and dreams related to them are greater. We hope that there will be NGOs and process leaders like you who are guiding the process. In this context it is only the beginning, many studies will emerge at the point of actual implementation. I think we should evaluate the implementation results intermittently together.. İl After receiving feedback from our schools, teachers, children and also from the sector, we need to come together again and discuss what provisions we need to update and what we can add İl Provincial Director of National Education Yazıcı continued his speech as follows: I see that there is a protocol. There is a lot we can do in the content, we don't have to write them all, but if we need to add different stakeholders to pave the way for a different transformation, we may need to review our protocol after a while. I think we should do the interim evaluations together. At the beginning of both the sector and the school, we will make sure that they are announced together and get their ideas within the field for effective execution of the process. I believe that this cooperation will make a great contribution in the short, medium and long term. Our expectation is very high. Let your expectation from Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education be very high. Think like this; especially we actually dream of every

Believe that we can cooperate in every field that we believe will contribute to the school together, maybe we can transform through the development of the sector. As long as we can create a common path together. I wish it to be beneficial to our country. I wish to be together at much more beautiful events.

The ceremony ended with the signing of the protocol mutual signatures.



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