Unye Port and Cruise Port Project Works Started

unye port and cruise port project works started
unye port and cruise port project works started

Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Hilmi Güler has started to work for Ünye Port and Altınordu Cruise Port which are among the promises of election and are among the vision projects of Ordu.

Ordu Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, who started to work for making more use of the sea and opening up investments for economic-social, tourism and employment. Mehmet Hilmi Guler, Unye Port and Cruise Port, the preparation of the projects, these projects began to negotiate with the bank representatives to provide funds. In the first stage, the project is expected to be prepared for feasibility reports and then the tender for the project will be used in order to provide the Army with these two major investments.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said that the Unye Container Port, called 'Unye Port', will be an investment that will affect the entire Black Sea Region in the future and will also serve the Turkish Republics. The importance of the Black Sea Region in the next 10 years kazanGüler stated that “Ünye Port will be an effective and strategic large container port in the Black Sea and will be a great investment that will integrate Turkey into the countries around the Black Sea, the Turkish Republics and even the Far East from there, and will bring Turkey to a leading position in the entire Black Sea.” said.

Noting that they will extend the Altınordu pier to make it a 'cruise port' in order to start cruise tourism in Ordu, Güler said that the perception of tourism in the world has changed and that holidaymakers now want to see new places and discover new tastes rather than sea, sand and sun. Turkey's star is shining in tourism. We aim for our seaside Ordu to get its share from cruise tourism. Cruise tourism is directly or indirectly related to tourism aimed at meeting needs such as transportation, accommodation, food and beverage, and entertainment. In this way, we will make this investment that will increase such a tourism potential in our Ordu, which is not known much but hosts many nature and cultural treasures. kazanWe will do our best to get it out,” he said.

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