TÜVASAŞ Production Diesel Train Set

tuvasas production diesel train set
tuvasas production diesel train set

The train set produced by TÜVASAŞ consists of 3 vehicles, the basic configuration of which is DM + M + DM. When the M carriage is added to a 3-vehicle train set, it is possible to create a 4-vehicle, 5-vehicle or 6-vehicle train set. A train line consists of a maximum of 8 vehicles.

Each vehicle likewise has a generator set for the supply of diesel engines, hydrodynamic transmissions and auxiliary circuits.

DM vehicles consist of control cabin, passenger compartment, four entrance doors and one toilet system. The vehicle M has a passenger compartment, four entrance doors and a toilet for disabled passengers.

Rail Clearance: 1435 mm
Vehicle Body: Steel
Maximum Speed: 140 km / h
Number of Passengers: 261 + 1
Total Set Length: 106500 mm
Distance Between Bumpers: DT-DM: 26850 mm
Vehicle Width: 2825 mm
Axle Load: 18 ton
Door Exterior Doors: Sliding Electromechanical
Facade Wall Walkway Doors: Sliding Electromechanical Door
Between bogie-bogie axes: HR bogie - 19000 mm
Brake Type: EP Brake
Distributor Valve Type: KE3.15
Radius-Gauge: 150 m- UIC 505-1 Min.Curp
Passenger Information: PA / PIS, CC TV
Air Conditioning System: EN 50125-1, T3 Class
Heating Capacity Passenger: 2x11kW + 18 kW / Vehicle - Driver: 2 × 4 kW / Vehicle
Cooling Capacity Passenger: 2 × 20,5 kW / vehicle Drive: 2 × 5,5 kW / vehicle
Ambient temperature: -25 ° C / + 45 ° C Exterior
Draw Frame Package: Type 10
Battery Type-Feature: Ni-Cd / 24 V- 189 Ah
Drive System: Diesel-hydraulic
Motor-Motor Power: Cummins QSK 19R- 750 Hp
Transmission: Voith T312 Bre
Auxiliary Power Capacity: Diesel Generator - 80kVA
Lighting system: Fluorescent (hidden)
Clean water tank: 250 lt + 300 lt / Vehicle
Waste Water Tank: 230 lt / Vehicle
Number of Toilets: 2 PURE + 1 SAT + 1 UAF

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