TÜLOMSAŞ should be moved to the OIZ

tulomsas should move to the organized industrial zone
tulomsas should move to the organized industrial zone

Stating that TÜLOMSAŞ can be moved to the Organized Industrial Zone and contribute to the railway clustering as well as solutions to the city traffic thanks to the vacated land Ektaş, the Chairman of the GOOD Party Province, stated that TÜLOMSAŞ land can be used for the benefit of the people of Eskişehir.

At the press conference held by Eskişehir IYI Party Provincial Presidency, Provincial President Mehmet Ektaş requested that the existing area be used for the benefit of the people of Eskişehir by moving to the organized industrial zone of TÜLOMSAŞ. In the statement made at the Provincial Building, Ektaş said, “Our city has come to the point where it cannot cope with the crowd and noise pollution, which cannot handle the burden of a single-centered bazaar, and also cannot face a heavy traffic and parking problem. There are urgent steps we need to take with courage in order to improve our quality of life, achieve modern city life and establish the 'renewed' Eskişehir of the future. One of these steps is to move TÜLOMSAŞ to the Organized Industrial Zone and the 500 thousand square meter area that will emerge will be at the service of our people. kazanis to climb,” he said.

Trapped in the city
Expressing that TÜLOMSAŞ is stuck in the city, Ektaş said, “TÜLOMSAŞ has set itself a target to manufacture high-speed train sets. It has the know-how to achieve this goal. The issue of producing high-speed train sets in Eskişehir is the first priority of our party as well as of all our people. It is clear that TÜLOMSAŞ needs new facilities to be established, such as high-speed train sets, tram and metro sets, due to the physical characteristics of its existing infrastructure and facilities, and the impossibility of further growth in the area where it is located. Moving to the Organized Industrial Zone is important for the future of both TÜLOMSAŞ and our city. Railway-OSB can be a specialized railway OIZ together with TÜLOMSAŞ, URAYSİM and sub-industry organizations. Such an OIZ fills the Rail Systems Cluster formation and gives life to the formation. This is very important for both the sector and Eskişehir. kazanbecomes three. There may be great employment opportunities in Eskişehir," he said.

Solution to traffic
Ektaş said that moving TÜLOMSAŞ to the railway OIZ to be established would also produce solutions for Eskişehir traffic and added: ıyla With TÜLOMSAŞ moving to the Organized Industrial Zone; Ali Fuat Güven Street can be connected to Ambarlar Street, Şahin Street, Ring Road and Tepebaş via Ring Road, Zübeyde Hanım Boulevard can be connected to Ali Fuat Güven Street and Ertuğrulgazi Neighborhood via TÜLOMSAŞ land. A new center of attraction, Hamamyolu example can be created with social facilities, squares and cultural centers to be built on TÜLOMSAŞ land. Thus, the burden of the city center can be distributed with the new living space that will appeal to a large part of our city.. Ektaş opened the project for discussion, adding that they offer to the discretion of the people of Eskisehir.

Source : Anadolu Newspaper

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