Strict Control of Motorcycle Use in Sekapark

tight control of motorcycle use in the park
tight control of motorcycle use in the park

Sekapark, one of the attraction centers of Kocaeli, is one of the places where citizens breathe. The Metropolitan Municipality, which enables the citizens who come to Sekapark with their families to spend time with peace of mind, controls the motorcycles that are prohibited to use in green areas and bicycle paths. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Police Department Security Branch Directorate teams that stop stopping these motorcyclists, who also constitute an accident risk, are making warnings with signs while carrying out the inspection regarding the use of motorcycles in Sekapark throughout the day.

Especially in the evening, children, elderly and motorcyclists due to families, walking around Sekapark can increase the risk of accidents. Noise pollution caused by the sound of motorcycles, the use of Sekapark prohibited. Although there are warning signs indicating that prohibition of motorcycle use at many points in and out of Sekapark, drivers who continue to use their motorcycles are sentenced by the Metropolitan Police Departments who patrol all day long. Teams working for the safety, security and peace of the citizens perform their inspections in day and evening.

Security personnel, which prevented many motorcycle riders from entering Sekapark, are carrying out legal proceedings against the motorcyclists they detect in the park. According to the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Orders and Prohibitions Regulation and the 5326 Clause No. 32 Misdemeanors Law, 320 imposes a fine of TL on drivers who do not comply with the rule.

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