Bozankaya33 Million Euros of Tram Exports from Romania to Romania

Temesvarin tram cars bozankaya will produce
Temesvarin tram cars bozankaya will produce

Turkey's first rail vehicle exporter BozankayaWill produce 16% 100 low-floor trams for the city of Timişoara, Romania. With the additional option 24, the order is expected to be completed to 40.

Designs and manufactures electric commercial vehicles and rail vehicles in Ankara Bozankaya, the tender for the tram for 16 vehicles opened by the Romanian city of Timişoara kazanwas. The tender also includes an additional option for 24 pieces. In the tender, where the first deliveries will start within 18 months from the signing of the contract, the contract period is 48 months.

Temesvarin tram cars bozankaya will produce
Temesvarin tram cars bozankaya will produce

BozankayaThe new Timişoara trams to be produced within the scope of this tender will be 30 meters long, with 5 modules and 170 passenger capacity. These trams, which will have a maximum speed of 70km / h, will provide great convenience in passenger boarding and boarding thanks to 100% low floor design. In addition, the new Timisoara trams will have a driving range of more than 60 kilometers with battery power, without the need for a battery. In this way, the new Timisoara trams will never stop in case of power failure or similar situations. In addition, the 2021 European Capital of Culture, Timişoara, will be able to remove the catenary lines when crossing historical sites and ensure uninterrupted aboveground rail transport without disturbing the environment.

Bozankaya To Turkey with this project will provide 33 million euros in foreign exchange inflows. With the use of the 24 additional option in the contract, the total export will exceed 80 Million Euros.

Taking pride in expanding its international presence by entering a new market Bozankayais an innovative and environment-friendly transport systems manufacturer. DNA in R & D and also develop Turkey's first indigenous design of subway train Bozankaya, a subway tender in Bangkok with a consortium it previously formed with Siemens Mobility kazanand exported Turkey's first rail system vehicle.

BozankayaOther vehicle manufacturing works
1 units in Istanbul M103 line ABB / Switzerland, 1 units in T55 line Bombardier / Canada and 37 units Alstom / France vehicles, M2 units 32 units Alstom / France and 92 units Hyundai Rotem / G.Kore vehicles, M3 units 80 units Alstom / France, 4 units in M144 line CAF / Spain, 4 units in T2 line ABB, 32 units KTA / Sweden, 34 units Hyundai Rotem, F1 units 4 units Garaventa / Austria

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