Tokat's New Airport to Open in 2020

slap will be urgent at the new airport
slap will be urgent at the new airport

Governor Dr. Ozan Balcı made inspections and inspections in Tokat New Airport superstructure construction areas.

Tokat Center in the vicinity of the construction work continues near the village of Söngüt Tokat New Airport on the site of the superstructure studies examined the Governor. Ozan Balcı, received information about the studies.

Terminal Building, Tower and Technical Block, RFF building, Garage Building, Heat and Power Center, Nizamiye Building and additional buildings to the completion stage of the construction of the construction phase, the roof and façade claddings with fine construction works, environmental and landscape productions Governor Dr. . Ozan Balci was given detailed information by the Airport Manager Mustafa Konca and the site manager.

Tokat's historical, cultural and natural riches will increase accessibility, modern architecture will be the entrance gate of our city New Airport, 2020 is scheduled to open in June, the Governor said. Ozan Balci, superstructure work is completed at the rate of 58 percent, he said.

A while during the reviews sohbet Wishing the technical staff and employees convenience and success, Governor Dr. Ozan Balcı told the employees that they can visit him at any time when they have problems and troubles.

Governor Dr. Ozan Balci was accompanied by Mustafa Konca, Airport Manager and supervisors of infrastructure and superstructure.



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