Ceremony of Assignment of the Ship Rescue Tug in TRNC

ship-saving trailer
ship-saving trailer

A “Ceremony of the Assignment of a Ship-Saving Tugboat in the TRNC” was held at the Girne Port in the TRNC.

The ceremony, Prime Minister Tatars as well as Vice President Fuat Oktay, Turkey's Ambassador to Nicosia, Ali Murat Başçer of Parliament Deputy Chairman Celal Adan, Turkey Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, TRNC Public Works and Transport Minister Tolga Atakan, Culture and Tourism Deputy Minister Serdar Çam, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Çetin Ali Dönmez and some military officials and deputies attended.

Tatar Prime Minister, said that he was pleased to attend the ceremony, representatives of the Republic of Turkey in their speeches and thanked them for their support and will be given ownership of the TRNC.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan said that the seas, which constitute 71 percent of the world, form the indispensable living space of humanity and the economic struggle ground.

Turhan, sea and oceans with large capacity transportation facilities, natural highway characteristics, rich food resources, hydrocarbons, oil and natural gas, such as the possession of natural resources throughout the history of human beings, he added.

Reminding that the total amount of Gross Domestic Product provided annually in the world has reached 2018 trillion dollars according to the data of 80 year, Turhan said that the portion of this 25-30 million dollar is provided from the seas.

Minister Turhan continued as follows: “The share of the Mediterranean basin in the world maritime transport is over 25 percent. However, a significant part of the Mediterranean basin and the long coastline is dominated by Turkey and the TRNC. More than 30 percent of the crude oil produced in the world and more than 50 percent of natural gas are supplied from the seas and this rate is increasing day by day. Approximately 85 percent of the world's surface is petroleum and about 97 percent of the oil derivatives are transported by sea. At this point, Cyprus, which is called the pearl of the Mediterranean and the aircraft that does not sink, provides important advantages to the sovereign states. Marine transportation in the world, Turkey and the TRNC and TRNC have more authority to ensure that the project to move to more advanced seamanship point we attach great importance to our execution. "

Turhan gave the good news that they will start their search and rescue services with ships in Famagusta and Kyrenia in Karpaz soon.

Minister Turhan, the opening speeches and then received information from the authorities touring the tugboat.

Günceleme: 22/07/2019 14:06

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