Sandıklı High Speed ​​Train Survey Works Started

rapid train survey studies started
rapid train survey studies started

Sandıklı Mayor Mustafa Çöl promised at the time of the election and Minister Prof.. Dr. Within the scope of the “High Speed ​​Train” project supported by Veysel Eroğlu, geological survey studies for the route started with the station.

Within the scope of the studies, the authorities conducting on-site inspections, geological surveys, examining the samples taken from the soil and recording the results with a report.

Mayor Mustafa Çöl made a statement about the subject; “In the election process, we have promised and Dr. With the support of Veysel EROĞLU, geological survey studies of the station and route have been started for our High Speed ​​Train project. Our project will appeal to the next 100 year and generations. With this project, you will be gorgeous. ”



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